Easier entry - boarding aid / wheelchair ramp on the car!

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Boarding aid entry level wheelchair ramp taxi camper easier entry boarding aid / wheelchair ramp on the car!

Wanted steps for the car? You have a van, which should get an electric as possible boarding assistance? Then there are some points to consider when buying such. Electric boarding aids are often used in large-capacity taxis, minibuses and other large vehicles. The steps are available in different variants and can be of great help to the passengers. The electric treads are often integrated in modern vehicles from the factory or at least ordered. At least when the manufacturer is particularly represented in the taxi business. Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen could be mentioned here. You can retrofit the useful items, depending on the vehicle and model, but also. The same applies to wheelchair ramps However, they are usually not firmly attached to the car. But first we come to the boarding aid.

Selection depending on vehicle variant

Boarding aid entry level wheelchair ramp Taxi Camper 2 Easier entry boarding aid / wheelchair ramp on the car!

Large-capacity vehicles, campers and other "high" vehicles can be equipped with electric steps. The step is intended to ensure easy entry. Various entry aids are available in stores that can be operated electrically and have extendable steps. The steps only extend at the request of the driver or person getting out and can be retracted again electrically. The electric retraction and extension distinguishes the products from conventional steps, such as those on trucks and also as Accessories for vehicles of all kinds are known. The electrically retractable and extendable articles do not interfere while driving and there is usually nothing on the edge of the vehicle. The treads are attached to the bottom of the car and can thus (almost) form a plane with the vehicle frame. You can complete the boarding aid additionally with a small railing that can also be folded out.

Electric steps - what to look for when buying?

The electric tread is commercially available for example for camping vehicles. You get high quality products that can be mounted on your camper. For example, you have the choice between treads that can be electrically extended and variants that can be electrically extended. When buying you should of course pay attention to the model compatibility. The electrical steps must be suitable for your vehicle. The manufacturers of the products indicate the respective model compatibility. Furthermore, there are European standards, according to the treads must have a certain skid resistance and performance surface. The treads should therefore be standardized and can be correspondingly large and expensive by the standard. The maximum possible load on a step should also be included in the purchase decision. Standardized treads are usually designed for a maximum body weight of 120 kg. If the body weight is above, then more massive models are needed. Here it is often necessary to strengthen the corresponding position on the vehicle so that the stage has a firm hold. These copies are also available from specialist dealers.

Electric steps - professional installation

The steps, whether electrical or mechanical, must be professionally secured by a workshop on the vehicle so that there are no injuries and accidents. It is absolutely advisable that you have the assembly of the articles carried out in the specialist workshop. In this you can also get advice on possible models that are suitable for you. You can also ask directly for models that are suitable for certain maximum loads in a specialist workshop. You'll also learn how to assemble and connect the items there. Also with regard to a decrease by the TÜV / Dekra the workshop can enlighten you. Use an experienced workshop with a good reputation.

the wheelchair ramp on the car

Boarding aid entry level taxi camper e1572587433727 Easier entry boarding aid / wheelchair ramp on the car!

And the wheelchair ramp is also intended to facilitate entry into the vehicle. In contrast to the steps, the wheelchair ramps are almost never permanently installed on the vehicle but must be created by hand when boarding and disembarking. There are often variants that can be firmly locked at the entrance and alternatively, there is even the possibility for the trunk. Again, a wheelchair ramp can be created and, for example, this is then connected to the receptacle for the rear doors. Thus, she is stuck and the wheelchair can be driven into the vehicle. PS. One of the companies that do special conversions for people with disabilities is Paravan. The is a prime example of what is possible Mercedes Sprinter from Janis McDavid.

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Boarding aid entry level wheelchair ramp Taxi Camper 3 Easier entry boarding aid / wheelchair ramp on the car!

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  1. My son is recovering from an accident and has to use a wheelchair. Unfortunately, my car is not suitable for carrying the wheelchair to drive it to physiotherapy. It is interesting to know that there are these types of ramps that can be attached to the car. However, I don't know if I should buy one for such a limited amount of time, maybe we'll continue to take the wheelchair taxi.

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