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For the environment and your wallet - retrofit EURO 6 SCR catalytic converter

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ADBlue SCR Kat working method retrofitting tuning for environment and wallet EURO 6 SCR Kat retrofit

In the interests of environmental protection, emissions standards are becoming ever stricter. Now driving restrictions also threaten for older diesel vehicles that do not comply with the exhaust emission standard EURO 6. In order to allow the owners of these cars to avoid this, several vendors have developed retrofit kits that meet or even undercut the prescribed maximum values ​​for EURO 6.

Which possibilities and alternatives?

BNOx SCR System Retrofit Tuning For environment and wallet EURO 6 SCR Kat retrofit
BNOx SCR system of the TwintecBaumot Group

Usually, an SCR catalyst is retrofitted, which injects urea solution into the drive train. However, it only works from a temperature of about 220 degrees. For a cold start and / or low engine load exhaust emissions are therefore rather poor in this solution.
The BNOx SCR system avoids this problem by interposing a heated electric generator. The generator vaporizes the urea solution and then injects it into the drive train. In both systems, however, regular replenishment of the urea is required.

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An alternative to retrofitting the catalyst is the post-cleaning This ammonia is used, which must be refilled from time to time in solid form. It is gasified by heating during operation and introduced into the exhaust gas. There it leads to the decomposition of the pollutant NOx. An advantage of this solution is that no intervention in the engine itself or the software is necessary. By adapting the software, you can avoid the annoying refilling of urea solution or ammonia. Here, the programming of your car is changed so that even at low temperatures an exhaust aftertreatment takes place. However, this leads to increased engine wear and reduces the life of your car.

Is the retrofitting useful?

Workshop costs retrofit money spare parts retrofit For environment and wallet EURO 6 SCR Kat

The SCR-Kat retrofit is very expensive and you should therefore first consider whether it is actually worthwhile. If your car is already old, it might be more financially preferable to buy a new, already EURO 6 compliant, car. Before you set up the cost-benefit calculation, however, you should inquire whether you might be eligible for financial support. Several manufacturers have already agreed to contribute up to 3.000,00 EUR to conversions. However, these commitments mostly only apply to EURO 5 compliant models and especially to drivers of vehicles in cities that are banned from driving. Maybe it's worth it to wait a while, if there are no subsidies from the manufacturer of your car yet.

is there an operating permit for your car?

BNOx SCR system retrofit Euro 6 badge tuning For environment and wallet EURO 6 SCR Kat retrofit

Also check whether the retrofitting planned by you already has a general operating permit issued by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt). The operating license is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of the registration of your vehicle. Therefore, premature installation of an SCR kit not yet approved for your vehicle model could lead to a total ban on driving instead of avoiding driving bans. Your car without SCR Kat was not optimized for an SCR system. If you make changes now, as you inevitably have to do with the retrofit, then you often have to reckon with performance losses or other problem such as a poorer smoothness. In addition, there is often an increased fuel consumption and greater energy requirements. Depending on the vehicle model and the type of solution chosen, other structural changes may be necessary that you may need to get used to. Inquire the best in your workshop after the changes.

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R% C3% BCckstrahler Cat's Eye Reflective Strip Tuning e1572416113417 310x165 For the environment and purse EURO 6 SCR Kat retrofit

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Rear ladder Roof ladder Side ladder Tuning4 e1572422602288 310x165 For environment and purse EURO 6 SCR Kat retrofit

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Injection% C3% BCsen Injector Tuning Injector e1572414649412 310x165 For environment and purse EURO 6 SCR Cat

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Spike Tire Tire Studs Winter Tires Tuning 5 310x165 For the Environment and Purse retrofit EURO 6 SCR Kat

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