What causes a rattling exhaust?

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The exhaust system, popularly known as the exhaust, is responsible for discharging the exhaust gases produced by the engine. During this process, the exposure to pollutants and noise should be kept as low as possible. However, there may be noise from the area of ​​the exhaust system. It can click, rattle or vibrate. The cause must not necessarily can be found at the muffler or the catalytic converter. Often the noises are also from a Heat Shield or a defective or missing holder. This happens when the car has landed and the exhaust pipe bracket has been damaged.

rattling exhaust – the causes

The exhaust system has a defect in its attachment: Clamps and brackets ensure that the exhaust is securely fastened to the underbody of the vehicle. exhaust rubbers eliminate any vibrations from the exhaust so they are not transmitted to the body. A defect can occur when the car has touched down or when the mounts succumb to old age. The consequences of such a defect are noises such as creaking, rattling or clicking. If the suspension of the exhaust system is damaged in some areas, it should be replaced as soon as possible to be repaired. Otherwise there is a risk that other parts will come loose while driving, which endangers the following traffic.

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What are the costs of repairing the suspension?

There are usually only costs of 5 to 20 euros for new ones exhaust rubbers on. Changing the rubber is often done within a few minutes. If the workshop charges 100 euros an hour, the total costs are 50 to 60 euros. There are about 15 to 100 euros for a new one Heat Shield on. Changing the heat shield usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. For labor costs and material you should budget 50,- to 200,- Euro. If the holder is defective, it can often still be used welded will. This repair also takes 30 to 60 minutes and should total between 30 and 100 euros. Of course, the costs always depend on the vehicle type, the exhaust system and the actual defect.

A defective silencer!

Vehicles used for short trips like to suffer from a defective one muffler. Condensation collects in the exhaust, whereupon it begins to rust from the inside out. The problem most often occurs at the rear silencer. In the worst case, the exhaust will leak. A leaking exhaust system is noticeable by rattling, a roaring or booming noise. Does the vehicle therefore create the emissions test not, it fails the general inspection. Also the loud ones background noise can for one Failure to issue the HU badge to be responsible.

In rare cases it is worth welding the rear silencer at the leaking points. That doesn't last forever though, but may be a solution for now. The price of a new silencer is between 30 and 500 euros, depending on the vehicle model and manufacturer. The change takes between 30 and 60 minutes in a series system. If the workshop charges 100 euros an hour, the bill totals between 80 and 600 euros. info: Often collects at the exhaust external rust. As long as there is only rust film and the exhaust system is otherwise tight, this is not a problem.

A defective catalytic converter!

The catalytic converter, also known as a cat, is an integral part of the exhaust system of current vehicles. It cleans the pollutants in the exhaust gases through chemical reactions. As a result, a large proportion of the pollutants in the exhaust gas are converted into a harmless substance. So will they Exhaust emissions reduced by the vehicle. If the defect is with the cat, it will usually show up as a rattle. The error memory can also give a hint like "Catalyst effect too low“. The catalytic converter usually cannot be repaired. It should be replaced with a new part or at least with a tested spare part.

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