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More depth - Seker Tuning EZ-LiP for the vehicle!

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EZ Lip Seker Tuning Cultivation Experience Tuning More depth Seker Tuning EZ LiP for the vehicle!

Today we would like to introduce you to a product that is a good alternative to expensive ones Front splinters or sill swords is. We got it from the provider Seker tuning receive the so-called EZ-LiP. The EZ-LiP is a universal EPDM plastic lip that provides more depth on the front apron, the side skirts and the rear apron. It is installed within a few minutes and provides a more aggressive and sporty look in the blink of an eye, without having to carry out expensive modifications. In addition, it can be removed again without leaving any residue and forgives many a bump on the curb. And she is TÜV free and thus legally usable. While this article is about the properties of the product, you can find a practical tutorial on one of our vehicles at the following link.

Seker Tuning EZ-LiP

EZ Lip Seker Tuning Cultivation Experience Tuning 2 1 More depth Seker Tuning EZ LiP for the vehicle!

While conventional front spoilers are exposed to many hidden and open dangers, this is not the case with the EZ-LiP. If you misjudge the ground clearance, the lip remains intact due to the flexible construction. The universal, high-quality and extremely flexible spoiler lip can be installed on almost any vehicle in just a few minutes without great effort and perfectly underlines the factory lines. The spoiler lip reduces the ground clearance under the front apron by a few centimeters and the same applies to the side skirts and, if necessary, to the rear apron. On the rear apron, however, the installation is a matter of taste, as we think. With a price of less than € 40, it is sometimes only a tenth as expensive as a GRP or carbon spoiler sword that usually cannot be attached without drilling and screwing. The same also applies to the sill swords. And the EZ-LiP is even available in different colors and sizes.

different color and also as "PRO" version

This guarantees the tuning of the factory front apron, the sills or the rear apron for almost every vehicle. And of course the EZ-LiP can withstand every hand wash, a high pressure cleaner or a standard car wash. And the risk that the spoiler lip will simply fall off after a few years is also practically zero. A big advantage, the EZ-LiP is long enough for the largest aprons and side skirts and protruding remains can be easily cut off. The EZ-LiP is of course premium quality and comes with durable 3M adhesive tape for installation without drilling. It is available ex works in black, red, white, blue, yellow or gray and can also be painted. And for those who want it a number lower, the EZ-LiP is for you PRO maybe a good idea. The "Pro" has a total width of approx. 8,5 cm and is therefore 2,5 cm larger than the normal EZ-Lip. It's best to look at yourself directly on the website of Seker-Tuning and once you've made up your mind, take a look at our test report linked above, including a tutorial on how to grow it, before installing.

cb no thumbnail More depth Seker Tuning EZ LiP for the vehicle!

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