Face mask for Honda cars to fight viruses!

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honda kurukuru interior air filter mask 2 face mask for Honda cars to fight viruses!

The actual Corona crisis makes the Japanese automaker Honda inventive. With "Kurumaku“The company now has its latest product innovation presented, namely a kind Mask fur das Car. More precisely, the invention is one virus-inhibiting cabin filter for Vehicles. According to Honda am Interior filter of the vehicle and therefore like a conventional one Mouth-nose protection work, which the Spread of viruses prevented. Since the Corona pandemic is sure to keep the world in check for quite some time to come, and with the recent discovery of a new, far more contagious one Virus strain in England, this is certainly not one bad invention of the automaker. So the new innovation could well be one effective contribution to Contain the virus Afford. (Tip: this is how the change from the air filter succeeds)

How does the new system work?

Covid 19 air flow Corona car interior e1609755297913 Face mask for cars from Honda to fight viruses!

Laut Manufacturer information the new product with the name "Kurumaku" with a special surface be equipped which are effective Virus droplets can intercept. Put simply, that means that by "Kurumaku“The size of the virus is reduced and this makes it effective damaged will. The exact chemical name for this process is Zinc phosphating. A process that can also be used to prevent Rust formation is applied. There is also an advantageous one Difference to others already known filterslike that CN95 filterwhich from manufacturers like Geely is used. The new product from Honda should not only do that enter of particles larger than 0,3 micrometers preventlike the one I just mentioned CN95 filter, but also pre-existing viruses in the interior of the vehicle eliminate. The Honda experts assume that "Kurumaku" 99,8 Prozent of the virus droplets moving freely in the car 15 minutes after switching on the ventilation destroyed can be. Viruses that have already settled on surfaces could be "Kurumaku“Also inside 24h be fought.

honda kurukuru interior air filter mask face mask for cars from Honda to fight viruses!

The new filter must, according to Honda at certain intervals owing to Lock exchanged will. This should be either once a year or after 15.000 driven with the vehicle Kilometers happen. Honda has already announced in which vehicles the new system will be present. Accordingly, "Kurumaku“First im Kei Car Microvan Honda N-Box as an accessory for the surcharge of converted 50 Euros be available. However, according to Honda, the availability should reach many soon other models be expanded. Whether one too retrofitting for older vehicles is possible, unfortunately that is currently not known.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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