Tuning terms - that means Fatlace and Illest tuning!

Time and again, in connection with vehicle tuning, concepts emerge that one can not properly classify as a layman. Due to the great influence of North America on the German-speaking tuning scene is added that the unknown terms are English. One reason is probably that the English terms sound "cooler" than the corresponding German word. Fatlace and Illest are examples of just these terms, which are native to the tuning scene and completely incomprehensible to laymen. In the following you will learn what the terms are about!

That means Fatlace and Illest

Originally Fatlace was the name of an internet blog. This blog dealt with various topics of hip-hop culture, reported on current topics of the scene and showed the fans of the scene the latest trends. Over time, the Internet blog developed a name that was known worldwide, and it was not just popular in the scene. In the meantime, Fatlace operates several websites and online shops, as well as hosting their own events. The name Illest is the in-house store chain, which sells fashion products of the former Internet blog. But what does all this have to do with tuning? Most supporters of Fatlace were also Tuningbegeisterte why vehicle tuning quickly became a topic of the Internet blog. Today you will find labels of Fatlace or Illest on many tuning vehicles, in addition, the car owners often worn the in-house fashion. Interestingly enough, this is a special tuning style followed by the followers of Fatlace and Illest.

Hellaflush and Stance are also such terms

From the trailer scene of Fatlace is the tuning style by name Hellaflush emerged. It's about getting the bike and the wheel arch as flush as possible. Many tuners go to extremes. The goal is to get the wheels as close as possible to the bodywork panel to create the effect of flushing. Here, different vehicle components play a role. These include the chassis, the rim width, the rim offset, the width of the tires and the fall of the mounted tire. If you modify these components to the limit of drivability, you have tuned the car in the Hellaflush style. Another term for this tuning, which basically means the same, is Stance. If somebody claims that he "gestured" his car, he speaks of the just mentioned tuning. So the next time you have a tuning vehicle in the style of Hellaflush You can look for stickers from fatlace or illest Keeping an eye out. With a high probability you will find something!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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