Failed pre-feed pump / fuel pump - what are the costs?

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Fuel pump Fuel pump Racing pump 2 Failed pre-feed pump / fuel pump What are the costs?

A fancy one Pre-feed pump / fuel pump What are the costs, how can a defect be identified and how does the repair work? A commercially available gasoline or diesel engine needs at least one of the two pump components to supply fuel. The fuel pump transports the fuel from the vehicle's tank to the engine compartment, where it is fed into the injection system. Depending on the type of engine installed, a high pressure pump installed, which supplies the injection nozzles or injectors with gasoline or diesel. If a high pressure pump is installed, the fuel pump is also called Feed pump designated. Signs of wear and tear or defects can, however, mean that the pump can no longer provide the required performance or fails completely. The purpose of this article is to provide useful information about typical symptoms, costs, and repair options.

How a fuel pump works

Pumps for delivering fuel build a pressure of about in the fuel system 3 to 5 bar on. Is the built-in combustion engine a naturally aspirated, the pressure is sufficient and no further pump, in this case a high-pressure pump, is required.
However, if the engine has a Petrol or diesel direct injection, the pressures must be clear higher fail. In the case of gasoline engines, the usual pressures are around 200 bar, for diesel engines up to 2.000 bar. In addition to the normal fuel pump, another high-pressure pump must be installed to supply the injection nozzles or injectors with fuel.

The following failure symptoms are typical for a defect in a fuel pump

Depending on the defect, different symptoms can occur. Typical are, for example, a out-of-round or jerky Engine running, one limited Engine power or a Error memory entrywhich has to be read out in the workshop. It is also possible that the engine does not start at all or dies while driving. In the case of an emissions test, incorrect injection quantities may result in the exhaust gas values should not are more within the required specifications. By the way: A defective fuel pump can also be identified relatively easily by listening carefully. Is when the ignition is switched on no There is a high probability that the pump can be heard “humming” coming from the direction of the tank malfunction.

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How can the fuel pump be replaced?

An exchange can only be made at empty tank take place. A full tank must first emptied will. It is also essential to pay attention to security. Handling petrol and diesel is of course not without its dangers, even when the tank is empty, flammable vapors can arise from possibly gaseous residues. In addition to the mandatory fire protection precautions, it is therefore strongly recommended that the exchange be carried out in a Specialist workshop to be carried out. Generally the fuel pump always to be replaced by a new part. In most cases, repairing a defective pump is not worthwhile and would also be very costly. A repair can only make sense in the case of a very old vehicle for which no new parts or accessory parts are available.

Pre-feed pump Defective fuel pump in tnak Failed pre-feed pump / fuel pump What are the costs?

Before the fuel pump is changed, it should be checked whether the pump is in the tank Current is present. Is this should not it can be ruled out that the defect is caused by broken fuses, relays or defects in the power supply. After the exam, in most cases the back seat dismantled will. The tank cover and the fuel delivery unit including the fuel pump can then be removed changed .

What are the costs of replacing the fuel pump?

The costs vary depending on the manufacturer and type of vehicle considerable. New fuel pumps are based on the pure material costs between 30 and 500 Euro classify. Well-known manufacturers are, for example, Valeo and Bosch. The amount of work required to change an in-tank fuel pump can be roughly calculated with 30 to 60 minutes quantify. Based on an hourly rate of 100 euros, this results in labor costs of 50 to 100 euros. This results in total costs within the range of 80 to 600 Euro. This includes the change of the in-tank pump including the new part and the work performed. However, if the high-pressure fuel pump has to be replaced, the costs are usually higher significantly higher.

Importance of the fuel pump

Fuel pumps in the tank, so so-called In-tank fuel pumps, produce approximately a system pressure of 3 to 5 bar. If the vehicle has a normal intake manifold injection, then this pressure is easily enough and the engine needs it none another high pressure pump. However, the vehicle is a Diesel or a gasoline direct injection, then significantly higher fuel pressures are achieved. As mentioned at the beginning, around 2.000 bar is not uncommon for diesel. Of course, this is only possible with one High pressure fuel pump. Against these pressures, up to 200 bar from the gasoline engine with direct injection is almost ridiculous.

With a defective fuel pump to the TÜV?

In addition to the driving safety examination, part of the TÜV test is always the emissions test. Since the delivery and injection quantities are incorrect with a defective fuel pump, the probability is high that the Standard values should not can be adhered to more. The defect therefore leads to a significant defect, the test may be should not Than the best.

Continue driving with a defective fuel pump?

Continuing to drive with a defective fuel pump is not a good idea. Incorrect injection of the fuel or an incorrect delivery quantity can result in consequential damages arise or the mileage is insufficient. It must also be borne in mind that the high-pressure pump in the engine compartment is powered by diesel or gasoline as well lubricated will. If the pre-feed pump is defective, the high-pressure pump is no longer or insufficiently supplied with lubricant. Sooner or later this inevitably leads to failure. The pump seizes and, in the worst case, metal debris can get into the fuel circuit and cause further damage.

If so, all fuel-carrying parts must cleaned or replaced will. Depending on the size and age of the vehicle, this can already lead to a economic total loss to lead. Even if the vehicle only has a simple fuel pump and not a high-pressure pump, this can have dire consequences when driving on. The vehicle can suddenly stop and this can even lead to dangerous situations with an accident.

Reserve fuel gauge fuel needle fuel Failed pre-feed pump / fuel pump What are the costs?

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