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Dangerous alternative: that's why you shouldn't fill up with oil!

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Dangerous alternative: that's why you shouldn't fill up with oil!

Fuel prices are reaching dizzying heights and many drivers who rely on their vehicles are thankful for each one Alternatives. By far more than 2 Euros for a liter of diesel, which is now more expensive than premium petrol in many places, the desire to fill the tank with something other than the car diesel available at petrol stations is understandable. And despite the state's ridiculous release of oil reserves, there is no sign of a downward trend, which is also due to the war in Ukraine. But the biggest price driver is clearly our insatiable state. But let's leave that! Even if bicycles and public transport are not an option for whatever reason, heating or vegetable oils they definitely aren't!

Oil instead of diesel: technical reasons speak against it.

The chemical composition of diesel fuels and oils distinguish sometimes drastically. The various components have an influence on the combustion behavior, the knock resistance, the ignition temperature, the viscosity and the general performance in the motor vehicle engine. Here is the Viscosity one of the biggest difficulties. the injection pump and the Injectors are not suitable for introducing the often more viscous oils into the combustion chamber. This is the Combustion suboptimal and the Engine power decreases sharply. In the short to medium term, the engine will have problems and the entire system will be damaged. There are certainly vegetable oils that can be used as fuels for engines.

Dangerous alternative: that's why you shouldn't fill up with oil!

Rapeseed oil is the best known. But the oils that are used as fuel or as additives are subject to high quality standards and differ chemically from the conventional vegetable oils that are used in domestic cooking, for example. Also need diesel engines only be adapted to the vegetable oils, before they can move the vehicle without damage. Vehicle manufacturers therefore give no approval for vegetable oils as a fuel alternative to diesel. The case is different for petrol engines. E10 is premium petrol mixed with biofuel, but not every car can handle the high proportion of fuel additives here either. The driver has to decide for himself whether a petrol engine is worthwhile given the current price trend.

Filling up with oil is tax evasion.

Even if it should be technically possible, it's still a benefit not advised To fill vegetable oil from the supermarket into his tank, because the oil is not taxed according to the energy tax rate and one commits with it tax evasion. Incidentally, heating oil is also not an alternative, as this is also considered tax evasion, even if there are hardly any technical reasons against it in the case of older vehicles. However, heating oil is currently not really significantly cheaper. Due to the constant adaptation and further development of technology, it is not advisable to fill up with heating oil in newer cars. The engines can't take it in the long run, even if the composition of fuel oil and diesel is the same at first glance more similar are available as diesel and vegetable oil.

Dangerous alternative: that's why you shouldn't fill up with oil!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Dangerous alternative: that's why you shouldn't fill up with oil!

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Dangerous alternative: that's why you shouldn't fill up with oil!

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Dangerous alternative: that's why you shouldn't fill up with oil!

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