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VIN Fin chassis number Vehicle number Explanation 2

By Vehicle identification number, short END (English VIN / Vehicle Identification Number), any vehicle can clearly be identified. This number is used by all manufacturers and has replaced the previous one since 1981 Chassis number. But what is the FIN actually and what is it used for? Before 1981, the "ID" of a vehicle was usually the Chassis number. Since this was mostly to be found on a badge in the engine compartment, it was very easy to change. That is why the standard has prevailed since then that a VIN punched into the sheet metal will. This makes counterfeiting more difficult, and selling stolen vehicles also becomes more difficult. Also, the term is more accurate as most automobiles have had self-supporting bodies and bodies since the 1930s no extra chassis have more.

Where can I find the vehicle's VIN?

There are several options here. She is in vehicle registration (Registration certificate part I) and in the vehicle registration document (part II). It often exists physically multiple times at the vehicle, - hence the old term chassis number - for example between the front and rear door on the B-pillar of the door frame, in the engine and trunk, in the driver's door, on the dashboard and under the bonnet. Motorcycles often have the VIN stored on the fork behind the fairing or on the steering head.

VIN Fin chassis number Vehicle number

  • Every passenger car and motorcycle has a specific VIN
  • The number can be found on the vehicle itself and in the vehicle registration document
  • The serial number has 17 digits and is made up of three blocks

How is the VIN structured?

VIN Fin chassis number Vehicle number explanation

It consists of 17 digits, which are in divided into three blocks are. The three first positions (WVW) are the "World manufacturer code“And show in this example that the vehicle is from BMW was built in Germany. the Positions 4 to 9 describe the vehicle, i.e. series, model and engine and vehicle type. the Positions 10 to 17 are specific to the manufacturer and contain various information. The manufacturers have the details. Attention: When it comes to reselling a vehicle, cheating is common, especially when it comes to age, potential accidents and mileage.

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