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Hot or junk? What is a "flexible chassis"?

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Flex suspension shorten springs Flex tuning e1584425391831 Hot or scrap? What is a flex suspension?

There is another idiotic increase on the subject Press / compress springs. And that is the so-called Flex chassis! In the tuning scene, this term refers to a chassis in which the suspension has been mechanically shortened independently. This does not mean the ultramodern adaptive chassis, but a cheap and illegal tuning measure on the chassis. The shortening of the suspension should make it possible for the vehicle to lie lower on the road. This is a purely optical measure, but it has massive consequences for the vehicle and the vehicle's guidance.

What is done with the flexible chassis?

Flex suspension shorten springs Flexen tuning 2 Hot or scrap? What is a flex suspension?

Building a flex chassis is very easy: All you have to do is take the springs out of the vehicle and shorten them to the desired length with the help of a flex. Hence the name "flex chassis". However, there are some unpleasant consequences from the cut. The vehicle is now lower, but it is more difficult to steer over obstacles. The risk of damage to the vehicle floor also increases. In addition, the driving behavior deteriorates and with regard to the guarantee, you probably no longer have to knock on the manufacturer's premises. In addition, flex trolleys are rightly absolute in road traffic illegal. Anyone who decides to take this step must therefore expect that the vehicle will no longer come through the TÜV and that the owner and driver will face massive penalties.

Legal consequences in detail

Tuning law police STVZO paragraph hot or junk? What is a flex suspension?

In addition to the lack of street approval, there may be other legal consequences. In the event of an accident, the vehicle owner must always expect to be prosecuted in criminal proceedings in addition to civil law measures. The famous “Points in Flensburg” will also be one of the consequences. Furthermore, it can lead to the withdrawal of the driving license and high fines. So a flex chassis is expensive fun that you should definitely think twice. If it is a question of a scrap-ripe vehicle that is no longer used on public roads, to pimp up a bit in order to improve your own screwdriving skills, then flexing the springs can be a way to broaden your intellectual horizon. But you should always keep in mind that the springs are under extreme pressure when installed and work with the flex, spring tensioners and ultimately the vehicle with the shortened springs, pose a great risk.

Optical consequences and effects on driving behavior

The vehicle will be significantly lower after the spring has been shortened. Of course, that makes a visual impression. The lowering can vary depending on how exactly you have worked. Here the tuner has the opportunity to express his individual preferences. The more you shorten the feather, the deeper the crate is at the end! Depending on the extent of the reduction, the flex suspension has a massive impact on driving behavior. The cornering deteriorates. In addition, there are the already mentioned deteriorations with regard to the safety of the vehicle floor and the overcoming of obstacles. Furthermore, it is often the case that unprofessional tuning creates additional risks. Especially if the springs are shortened diagonally and unevenly, this has massive consequences on the driving behavior. The vehicle is in an inclined position and is much more difficult to control. Shortening the springs can also mean that due to the lack of pretension, they no longer lie optimally on the spring plate and tilt during the journey or jump directly from the plate or out of the bracket (rear axle).

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