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More sportiness in the footwell with chic floorboards!

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Floorboards Footboards Footboards More sportiness in the footwell with chic floorboards!

Floorboards are actually known from the motorcycle sector and practically nothing more than a support / support for the feet. But the boards are also very popular in the automotive sector. The articles are often kept in a stainless steel look, silver anodized or black powder-coated and are used as "sheets" for the driver's or front passenger's footwell. In the driver's footwell, the floorboards are used behind the pedals. Floorboards from the Rennline line are known in this context. Interested tuners will find what they are looking for under the keywords “Floorboards Auto” or “Floorboards Rennline” and receive an overview of various floorboards for a wide variety of vehicle types. The floorboards are discussed in more detail below.

Floorboards - what are they good for?

Floorboards Footboards Footboards 2 More sportiness in the footwell with chic floorboards!

Floorboards are available in sturdy metal variants and can be purchased for the driver's side and the passenger's side. The articles look stylish and are used for further customization of tuned vehicles. In essence, however, they only have an optical background and less real practical use. The variants for the passenger area can include the entire passenger footwell or can only be purchased for the foot area below the dashboard. Floorboards for the driver's side include, for example, the area behind the pedals and are also available for the complete footwell on the driver's side. The floorboards are made of aluminum or stainless steel and are designed for durability. The articles are available in the factory style (factor style) and provide a metallic contrast for an optical contrast in the vehicle interior. If you don't like it with a metallic sheen, you can also buy floorboards with a matt surface or, as already mentioned, variants with powder coating. Foiling or individual painting is also conceivable.

the carpet from the car is protected

And they also have a little bit of use. The articles not only look good, they also ensure less wear and tear on the driver and front passenger footwell area. Floorboards protect the driver and passenger footwell from daily wear and tear and can also be used to stylishly restore an old vehicle and visually upgrade the footwells without having to replace the entire carpet. This can be a good alternative, especially for vehicles with high mileage, for the area of ​​the feet, which often after +150.000 kilometerstaken away“Looks. Floorboards are almost always available in a sporty racing look and can be purchased with a typical hole pattern look. But there are also closed versions, corrugated ones or those with individual engraving etc.

Floorboards for cars - what to look for when buying?

Floorboards Footboards Footboards 3 More sportiness in the footwell with chic floorboards!

When buying floorboards for cars, you should pay attention to high-quality workmanship. The floorboards are often made of metal and the metal should not rust, be robust and easy to clean. It is advisable to purchase refined metal materials or to buy variants that are powder-coated and are more durable due to the coating. The floorboards should be suitable for the respective vehicle model. If there are no suitable floorboards available for a particular vehicle model, then an individual adjustment in a tuning workshop can be useful. When using tailor-made floorboards in the driver's footwell, care should be taken to ensure that the items used are suitable for road traffic. The legal situation should be clarified in a specialist workshop or at a test center such as TÜV.

Floorboards - conclusion

Floorboards can be found in the driver and front passenger footwell and are intended to deliver the typical racing look. Some of them can even be purchased for the rear footwell, giving the vehicle a new look here too. The items are available, for example, in a metal look with a perforated look and can also be purchased in powder-coated versions. When buying, attention should be paid to the accuracy of fit for the vehicle and to robust and rustproof variants. And it is essential to ensure that the floorboards are firmly seated and cannot slip. Some floorboards can use special racing Foot mats (for example the Rennline Track Mats) are firmly connected and are specifically intended for competition vehicles. Such a variant usually comes along stripped vehicles for use.

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Floorboards Footboards Footboards 4 More sportiness in the footwell with chic floorboards!

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