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Stable and light: Flowforming rims for the vehicle!

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AC Schnitzer AC3 EVO forged rim Tuning 3 Stable and light: Flowforming rims for the vehicle!

An important component and at the same time visual recognition feature of tuned cars are impressive and elaborately designed rims. But in the search for suitable rims, car enthusiasts are currently unable to come up with terms such as forged wheels, multi-part rims, Cast rims, Flowforming or flow forged over. But what do these terms mean, why are they so important in auto tuning and does this manufacturing method revolutionize the market? We get to the bottom of all these questions and then provide the most important answers on this topic! Tip: New rims for the car? It is important to pay attention to this before buying!

Interesting facts about flowforming rims

Flowforming rims Manufacturing process tuning 2 Stable and light: Flowforming rims for the vehicle!

The term “flow forming” comes from English and means something like “pressure rollers” in German. This modern manufacturing process developed from the more complex and significantly more costly one Forging process of classic rims. To be more precise, it describes a proprietary manufacturing process for rims, which has numerous advantages. The most serious difference to the classic production variant of car rims is that the raw product or parts of the rim blank are further processed or rolled out after casting. This production step takes place under enormous heat, up to 350 ° C. In this way, not only material costs but also working time can be saved during production.

higher stability and lightness

Flowforming rims Manufacturing process tuning Stable and light: Flowforming rims for the vehicle!

But it is not the savings in material or labor, but the greater stability and lightness of the flowforming rims that are the real advantages of the design. The compression of the metal not only ensures greater stability, but many areas can be worked out in more detail and filigree, which sometimes leads to a significantly better look. Briefly summarized all the advantages of flowforming rims: Due to the lower material consumption, Flowforming rims can be manufactured relatively inexpensively. Thanks to their lower weight, they not only have a positive impact on the vehicle's fuel consumption, but also on its performance, without sacrificing stability.

Manufacturers of flowforming rims and their models:

One of the best known companies in the production of high quality flowforming rims is MAK. In addition to MAK Luft and MAK Bremen, the most well-known models from MAK also include the MAK LOWE-FF model. MAK is a clear pioneer in the area of ​​Flow Forged rims and, in addition to a top price-performance ratio, also stands for modern and innovative design. But the company ATS is also heavily involved in the flowforming market and offers two excellent versions with the Racelight and Crosslight models, which not only convince with their performance, but also with their appearance. Other well-known companies with high-quality flowforming rims are Speedline, Oxigin, Barracuda and of course the manufacturer BBS, who also created the following video on this topic.

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Flowforming rims manufacturing process tuning 3 e1591068771946 Stable and light: Flowforming rims for the vehicle!

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