What is a FlowMap - charger map/diagram?

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BMW 5 Series E28 With turbocharger 10

The FlowMap describes a pressure ratio present (on the compressor side; boost pressure) in relation to the required air flow requirement of the engine (necessary air flow to the turbine wheel). Trim is a cross-sectional area ratio that describes (affects) both the turbine and compressor wheels. The trim is calculated using the inlet and outlet diameters (always the narrowest point in the turbocharger). Is the Trim increased/bigger, then the wheel can withstand a higher air flow. The cross-sectional area of ​​a gas or steam turbine is important to the performance of the turbine.

The formula for calculating the cross-sectional area on the turbine side is: [(exhaust outlet opening)² : (exhaust inlet opening)²] x 100

The formula for calculating the cross-sectional area on the compressor side is: [(air intake diameter)² : (charge air outlet diameter)²] x 100

FlowMap - Loader map/diagram

Flow Map FlowMap turbocharger tuning compressor

A / R is a geometric property common to all compressor and turbine housings. Increasing the compressor A/R optimizes the performance of low pressure applications. The change in turbine A/R has many implications. A higher A/R turbine value means that the turbocharger has better flow at higher engine speeds and achieves more power. The maximum flow capacity of the turbine is reached, which less exhaust flow is wasted. At the same time, the back pressure generated by the supercharger reduced and the exhaust rate increased, resulting in more power across the entire rev range. Source: Abarth-forum.de

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