Popular in the tuning scene - what are blacksmith wheels?

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If you're busy tuning your car, then the wheels are an important part of it. They have a big impact on the look, so you need to make changes here. In the procurement of information, you quickly come across the term "forged wheels". In order to know if you want to buy forged wheels, you need to know what blacksmiths are. As the word implies, these are rims that are not exclusively cast.

Forged Alloy Wheels Steel Rims Differences

The differences between cast and forged wheels

If you buy a cast wheel, then it is a product where the material was poured into a mold to form the wheel. Here mostly aluminum is used. It arises within a very short time, whereby the personnel costs are minimal. In this way, masses of rims can be produced, which is why they are cheap to buy. Forged wheels, it also comes to the casting of a blank, Here, however, a special alloy is used and not cheap aluminum or heavy steel. Before the forge is cold, it is hydraulically pressed and thus obtains the desired shape. This step is called forging. It is a demanding process that results in a high-quality article that is clearly different from other goods.

What are the advantages of forged wheels?

Due to the manufacturing process and the high quality materials used, forged rims are significantly more resilient and stronger than average rims. In addition, forged rims are significantly lighter, which is why attaching them leads to weight savings in the vehicle. Especially if you want to use the car for races, you have advantages by purchasing it, as you can now achieve higher top speeds.

In addition, the surface is better designed. It is smoother because there are no pores and there are also no material inclusions. And the tires installed can also be of different weights. We have a small overview in our post "That's what tires actually weigh“Set up to show the differences. By purchasing forged wheels, you set yourself apart from other tuning enthusiasts who cannot afford to buy forged wheels.

High End Novitec NL2 Forged Lamborghini Aventador
High end Novitec NL2 forged wheel on the Lamborghini Aventador

What are the disadvantages of forged wheels?

Due to the complicated manufacturing process, high costs are incurred, which of course you, the end user, must pay at the latest when buying. For you, this means that there are high financial burdens when you opt for the purchase of forged wheels. If you have a very limited budget, you can not and should not make a purchase. The design is also sometimes simpler, since the production mode limits. If it comes to damage to forged wheels, then the repair costs are also high. In many cases, the connoisseur also sees whether there have been any optical corrections to the forged rims. In many cases, you can not avoid buying a replacement wheel

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