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Formula 1 2021: what will the coming season be like?

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Formula 1 2021 Formula 1 2021: How will the coming season be?

It was only recently announced when Formula 1 should start the season in 2021. It will start again in March and hopefully this season will be a little smoother than the one in 2020. Because the corona pandemic has thrown the teams and the broadcasting TV channels through the bill.

2020 went differently than planned

Before the season could even begin with the first race in Melbourne on March 15, it had already been postponed. At first it was not clear when and under what conditions Formula 1 would start. Ultimately, the season in Spielberg, Austria, only started on July 05th. With 22 races, the 2020 racing calendar was originally the fullest racing calendar that Formula 1 has ever seen. Ultimately, it was then shortened to 17 races - almost all of the remaining venues are in Europe.

Technical changes for the 2020 season

From 2019 to 2020 there were also some technical changes to the cars that are stipulated in the regulations, including:

  • The minimum weight of the vehicles has been increased from 743 to 746 kilograms, which makes them the heaviest speedsters in Formula 1 history.
  • Since 2020, three MGU-K systems (systems for the recovery of kinetic energy during braking) have been permitted per year.
  • turbocharger, Burners and the heat recovery system can also be changed three times.
  • The rocker geometry and the mapping have been adjusted so that the drivers are not supported more than permitted at the start.
  • In addition to the main tank, only one extra tank with 2,5 liters of oil is allowed.
  • A second measuring sensor guarantees the permissible gasoline flow rate.

Formula 1 2021 Outlook for Formula 1 2021: How will the coming season be?

These teams can benefit from the technical innovations

As is usually the case with rule changes, it is assumed that the top teams in particular will benefit from the changes. Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull could best adapt to the new rules and have immense budgets to make their vehicles the absolute top models.

Nevertheless, we have to wait and see how the 2020 season will end and which options are feasible for 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, no provisional racing calendar has yet been planned for 2021, but 22 races are planned. One of the most serious personnel changes will be the change of Sebastian Vettel. He leaves Ferrari and is taken over by Carlos Sainz Jr. replaced. Sainz comes from McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo takes his place. He was previously at Renault and is now being replaced by Fernando Alonso.

So the staff carousel rotates properly, which should provide additional excitement. It remains to be seen which driver will benefit from this. Fans who the offer of the new betting providers want to take advantage of the changes can first look at a few races before betting on their usual favorites. Perhaps the coming Formula 1 seasons will have surprises in store due to the technical and personnel changes that nobody expected.

What about the technical changes for 2021?

Technical changes to the rules were also planned for 2021. Since the 2020 season will be so different due to the Covid pandemic and it is not yet clear whether it can continue as planned in 2021, the major changes are now only scheduled for 2022. You plan to do the following:

  • The minimum weight increases to 768 kilograms, which makes the cars even heavier.
  • The renewable content in gasoline must be doubled to 2021 percent in 20. The aim of Formula 1 is to become CO2030 neutral by 2.
  • The brake discs grow from 278mm to 330mm.
  • The cockpit dimensions are enlarged so that tall drivers have more space.
  • The tires should be even more heat-resistant to allow more racing again.
  • The change in the sub-floor structure is revolutionary. The new aerodynamics through the ground effect are intended to ensure less air turbulence (dirty air) behind a vehicle. The tests were carried out in the wind tunnel.

This is how the changes work

These changes mean that the cars will be able to drive better behind other vehicles in the future. They are less sensitive to the turbulence of the vehicles in front of them and also generate less dirty air themselves. This will change the racing behavior of the drivers and could again lead to more chases and overtaking maneuvers.

Formula 1 2021 Outlook 1 Formula 1 2021: How will the coming season be?

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