Formula 1 had a total of 2021 billion viewers in 1.5

Formula 1 viewers 2021

Formula 1 is currently riding a wave of success. Clever marketing and the past spectacular season have ensured that the number of viewers has grown significantly again. After years of Mercedes dominance with top driver Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen was able to secure the world title in a spectacular but also controversial manner in 2021 in the last race. The thrilling race for the World Championship crown is indisputably the main reason why Formula 1 was able to count 1.5 billion spectators last year.

1.5 billion viewers

Experts actually assumed that this season due to the complex rule changes, the dominance of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas teams is broken. The Silver Arrows had dominated the past few years and were vastly superior to the competition between 2014 and 2020. But as early as 2021, Red Bull was able to do the unexpected with the young Dutchman Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton snatched his eighth world title in the last few minutes. In the end, the Red Bull driver was only eight points ahead. The close racing between the two star pilots certainly meant that even more spectators tuned in.

Formula 1 is expecting further growth this year as well. The long-awaited ones have been taking effect since the beginning of the season Changes in the regulations. They should enable even more exciting racing and ensure more equal opportunities. Unfortunately, the makers' hope that more manufacturers would be able to fight for victories and that the field would be tighter overall was not fulfilled. Although the balance of power has shifted, the teams have not moved much closer together as hoped. The Ferraris and the Red Bulls currently seem to be significantly stronger than the competition. Mercedes follows the two top teams with the new driver pairing Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Charles Leclerc is currently leading the world championship in a Ferrari. But see the betting experts from bwin reigning world champion Max Verstappen as the biggest favorite to win the 2022 World Cup.

Championship fight between Red Bull and Ferrari?

It could well be that an exciting world championship fight develops between Red Bull and Ferrari and that it remains exciting at the top throughout the season. The Mercedes are not yet to be written off. Although the drivers of the brand with the star are currently having some problems, at the premiere of the Miami Grand Prix at the beginning of May the Silver Arrows were clearly on the rise. The internal competition between Hamilton and Russell could also become a storyline of the season. The fact that Hamilton, who until a few months ago was considered the best driver in the field, regularly leaves his own team-mate behind must certainly annoy the record world champion. His team is still protecting him, but critics are already speculating that this season could be a particularly difficult one for the seven-time world champion.

The excitement on the track encourages the makers that 2022 will also be a good year for the racing series. In 2021, Formula 1 had almost 50 million followers on social media and a peak TV viewership of 1,55 billion. It is quite possible that these numbers will continue to increase this year.

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