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Scented trees in cars are harmful to health - doctors warn!

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Scent tree miracle tree Tuning Scent trees in cars harmful to health Warn medical professionals!

In many cars they hang on the rear-view mirror and are supposed to give off a pleasant scent - colorful Scented trees with different scents such as apple or vanilla scent. But what is actually in the air fresheners? Are the classics harmful to us?

The scent tree in all colors!

The well-known scent trees for the car are usually Disposable products, which consist of an absorbent, felt-like cardboard and printed as well as with fragrances are provided. According to the Federal Environment Agency, odors often arise from complex mixtures of chemicals, which are also found in naturally or industrially produced chemicals, for example Perfume oils find. In contrast to odor-neutralizing products, bad smells in the car are only caused by the fragrances covered.

Synthetic fragrances - their distribution in the car

The synthetic aromas spread quickly in closed rooms. This may sound nice, but there are people who even use such fragrances allergic react. In addition, some of the substances themselves have already proven to be problematic.

Increased cancer risk from scented trees

A regular warning from the professional association of German ENT doctors goes out: Due to the "carcinogenic ingredients", the risk of cancer is in the respiratory tract increased - additional cigarette smoke in the car increases the risk even further. The ENT doctors also warn that the risk of cancer is even multiplied if the driver smokes in the car and has the scent tree dangling from the rearview mirror at the same time. That means: The scent chemicals cause the ingredients of the cigarette smoke to combine with the fine dust particles from the air, then deposit in the body and damage the cells there. That is why it is all the more important that smoking vehicles at least ventilated regularly .

Increasing allergies and intolerances!

The Federal Environment Agency also warns: Most scented trees emit five to twenty times more scents than the federal agency recommends for indoor air. This means that when you have a new scent tree you will find one Overdose exposed to fragrances. It is also warned that the overdose can also lead to allergies, headaches and irritation of the mucous membranes. The musk compounds even accumulate in the human body, the consequences of which, however, have not yet been studied in detail.

Sneeze in the car Scent tree allergy e1632282534784 Scent trees in cars harmful to health Warn medical professionals!

Chemicals like hormones

Product tests by the magazine “Öko-Test” in 2005 showed that 9 out of a total of 18 scent trees tested excessive amounts of fragrances which are harmful to health - regardless of the different fragrances. As a result, many of the products failed the test. Allergy-causing substances like the substance Lyral or polycyclic musk compounds were actually used demonstrated. They also contained the so-called phthalates - chemicals which, in animal experiments, led to damage to the liver and kidneys and which even had the same effect as hormones.

At the end... If you leave out the fragrance tags in the future, you can simply use the car instead ventilate regularly. According to the Federal Environment Agency, this is also more recommendable - instead of trying to cover up unpleasant smells or poor air quality.

Scented tree in cars harmful Scented trees in cars harmful Warn medical professionals!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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