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The main thing is different - front flip bonnet / tailgate!

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Front flip hood tailgate Front flip hood kit The main thing is different Front flip hood / tailgate!

For many tuning enthusiasts, the individual design of a vehicle is the top priority. An incredible number of areas can be tuned on a car. Performance tuning and exterior tuning of the vehicle are popular. Changing the exterior of the car does not only include the customization of rims, car paint or antenna. The bonnet and tailgate can also be tuned. In the tuning area, tailgates can be modified in such a way that they oppose, and thus to the rear (Hatchback) or at the front (bonnet), be opened. The so-called front flip bonnet can be installed to open like an old BMW E24 6er, an E28 5er or the Corvette C4, the Mercedes SLR, the old Opel GT etc. In contrast to the so-called flip flop trunk kit is the conversion - at least regarding the hood - not that crazy and questionable. The possibilities for such a conversion are explained in more detail below.

Front flip bonnet - what do you mean?

Front flip hood tailgate Front flip hood kit 2 The main thing is different Front flip hood / tailgate!

A front flip bonnet can be opened to the front and is not opened to the rear like conventional bonnets. The front flip bonnets are quite common in American tuned cars. The items are available for example in American tuning shops and are there as Front flip hood kit designated. However, the names vary in part and we are not yet aware of a real German translation for a conversion kit. If such a kit is not available for a vehicle, a tuning workshop can help and get the right parts to convert the bonnet to the front flip variant. For example, front flip hood kits for trucks from Ford or HotRods are commercially available. There are various English-language tuning forums that deal with the installation of a front flip hood and provide corresponding links for the installation aid of kits.

Front flip hood kit - not only on Hot Rods and Co.

Front flip hood tailgate Front flip hood kit 4 The main thing is different Front flip hood / tailgate!

In America, the front flip hood kit is popular with classic American trucks and hot rods. Videos for installing the Frontflip bonnet can be found on the Internet. When buying a kit, make sure that there are parts that cover the holes in the old fastenings on the bonnet. If you are not experienced in converting the bonnet to a front flip variant, you should commission a tuning workshop to do the work. After all, the bonnet should be aligned without any problems and should open and close optimally. It should also be borne in mind that the factory lock mechanism can no longer be used since the hood now opens in the other direction.

individual style through flip reversal

In contrast, installing the tailgate in such a way that it opens the other way round, i.e. to the rear, is extremely rare. But we've seen it on an Austin Rover Hornet model, for example. This can be applied in theory to vehicles. But opening the tailgate to the rear is perceived as extremely impractical in tuning forums, which is somehow true. After all, loading from the trunk is extremely cumbersome afterwards and only the strange show effect should be something of an argument for a conversion. Nevertheless, there are tuning enthusiasts who are looking for such customization options on their vehicles. The front flip hood kit is the more common variant and if you want to open the tailgate the other way round, you are in good hands in a tuning workshop. Such a conversion is even more complex than with the hood. But the specialists in the workshop can help with the conversion.

Front flip bonnet - conclusion

Opening the bonnet and tailgate the other way around can be interesting for tuning enthusiasts. It is known for the bonnet in the hot rod area and for classic American trucks. Corresponding front flip hood kits are available on the American market. The conversion should be carried out professionally. It must be ensured that both the tailgate and the bonnet of the locking mechanism (lock) have to be converted and that an individual acceptance test is definitely carried out by an expert should. However, this is only necessary if the vehicle is to continue to be used in traffic. And it should be borne in mind that front bonnets have practically NO pedestrian protection due to the front hinges. It must be clarified beforehand whether an approval is possible at all. So think carefully about whether you have one Bonnet front swing-open conversion action or the Tailgate rear swing-open conversion campaign want to perform ^^!

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Front flip hood tailgate Front flip hood kit 5 The main thing is different Front flip hood / tailgate!

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Relief textured film 3D film 310x165 The main thing is different Front flip hood / tailgate!

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Upside Down Car flipped over upside down car e1585801386850 310x165 The main thing is different Front flip bonnet / tailgate!

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Sideflip tuning bonnet tailgate conversion 2 310x165 The main thing is different Front flip bonnet / tailgate!

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