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Sound & Power with a modified pre-silencer

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Front silencer tuning VSD 4 Sound & Power with a modified front silencer

You want to know what brings you a modified pre-muffler in the tuning range? You want to know more about the function of a custom pre-silencer? Then you are right with us. Below, these questions are clarified and further information on the subject given.

Front silencer replacement pipe - what is it?

Front silencer tuning VSD 3 Sound & Power with a modified front silencer

A front silencer is called VSD for short. The VSD is part of the exhaust system and can be replaced by a sports pre-silencer in the tuning area. The sports pre-silencers have the advantage that they can "improve" the noise emissions and, moreover, dissipate combustion gases even better. At the same time, the performance of the tuned vehicle is almost always increased by a sports pre-silencer. The performance improvement is achieved because the sports pre-silencer reduces the back pressure of exhaust gases and thus optimizes them. The volume can also be reduced if required. This can be done in different ways. For example, a distinction is made between reflection sound absorbers and absorption sound absorbers. The reflection silencers are equipped with chambers that distribute and reflect the sound energy. The absorption silencers usually have insulating material that dampens the sound. Steel wool and basalt fibers are often used as insulation materials.

On which pre silencers put tuners?

Front silencer tuning VSD 5 Sound & Power with a modified front silencer

In the tuning area sports pre-mufflers are used, which should increase the performance of the vehicle. The VSD for the Tuninbereich use the absorption principle in the sound attenuation and are intended to damp especially high frequencies. The sports pre-muffler should give the exhaust system or the car a deeper sound. In addition, the so-called exhaust back pressure is reduced by a sport pre-muffler. This increases the car's performance. Whether a pre-silencer replacement pipe in the form of a sports VSD can be installed depends on the vehicle itself. An optimization of the exhaust system depends, for example, on the factors space, displacement, engine design, engine type, engine speed range and number of cylinders. Whether your car can have an upgrade, you should let clarify with in a tuning workshop. In general, the installation of a sports pre-silencer is a way to optimize the performance of the car. Flow-optimized sports pre-silencers are often made of high quality stainless steel.

What should be considered before installation?

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning Sound & Power with a modified front silencer

On the one hand, a sports front silencer should only be installed in suitable cars. On the other hand, care must be taken that the front silencer is StVZO-suitable. The StVZO stipulates that an exhaust silencer must be fully functional. Is the article not suitable for use on the road (this is the case, for example, with a "front silencer, catalytic converter or front silencer replacement pipe"), then severe punishments can threaten. You can lose your car's operating license and even pay for an accident, whether it's guilt or not. If the operating license expires, then the insurance cover expires as well. A functioning, approved for road sports pre-silencer is also useful for environmental protection and noise protection reasons. The noise emission should be up to the year 2028 with a maximum of 68 decibels. Currently the limit is set to 74 decibels. You should therefore only have a front silencer replaced by a specialist workshop and absolutely make sure to adhere to the specified values. The specialist workshop should also know the tuning area and install only certified and qualitative articles.

Advice from professionals can never hurt ...

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Front silencer tuning VSD 6 Sound & Power with a modified front silencer

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Sound & Power with a modified front silencer

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