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Frozen car windows? One should avoid that!

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Windshield Scratching Frozen Ice Scraper1 Frozen car windows? One should avoid that!

Since a few days ago winter with its low temperatures also arrived in the flatlands, drivers who park their vehicle outside of a garage or carport have no option Stationary heating system have plenty of work to do before they can leave. The windows are out of town and the car with its components such as lamps and license plates, which must always be free, may also be covered with snow. But we already learned in driving school: Safety while driving is characterized by an all-round perfect view through the car windows. This means that only a small scratched-free spot (peephole) through which the driver thinks he has enough view not enough. If it is handled this way, the risk of an accident is very high and there is even a threat fine. Reason enough that we look at the topic Ice scraping briefly occupy. Who direct our tips for a clear view needed, it can simply CLICK HERE.

Remove snow from the vehicle!

Snow free car roof clean winter e1606983403346 Frozen car windows? One should avoid that!

You shouldn't be careless about snow either on the roof of the vehicle be as he dangerous for yourself and other road users. Accordingly, the whole car should if possible be freed from the snow. If the windshield is icy, drivers should no thawing sprays instead of traditional ice scrapers use as they are not environmentally friendly. A well-intentioned tip is to use the ice cream on the slices hot water to thaw - but this should not be implemented in reality, as the disks the Temperature differences Hokkaido pumpkin skin is perfectly edible can withstand and tear. The next point that drivers need to be aware of is this: never let the engine warm up. It threatens finesince the engine has no purpose to heat the car and even Damage can carry away. Better should, if available, the Stationary heating system activated or at least, in the case of the windshield and, if present, the Windshield heating.

It's best to use the good old ice scraper!

Ice scraping Winter parking heater Frozen car windows? One should avoid that!

Instead of the described measures to clear the vehicle from ice and snow, drivers should use conventional means such as one ice scraper fall back on. The following report explains what an ice scraper is all about. By the way: There is still the option of one Frost protection cover to use and fogged windows simply wipe with a rag.

This is how the windows are scraped free!  1f519 Frozen car windows? One should avoid that!

For many, scraping ice in winter is a chore. Our Tips make work a little easier on cold winter days.

  • Park the car at night with the windshield as close as possible to the house wall.
  • Cover the window with a sturdy film in the evening (special mats from the accessories or, if necessary, a cut open garbage bag) - The film must lie close to the glass and can be clamped to the doors.
  • Paper or cardboard are not suitable for covering.
  • If necessary, socks keep the side mirrors free. Put it on for the night and take it off in the morning.
  • Windows that are dirty freeze up faster than clean ones.

Aluminum Car Ice Protection Film Tchipie Test 3 Frozen Car Windows? One should avoid that!

Be careful when scraping ice!

  • Ice scrapers made of sturdy plastic are the best. (Scratches with metal blades can scratch the window)
  • Dirt on the windshield can act like sandpaper.
  • Break up stubborn ice with the corrugated side of the ice scraper, then push the ice away with the smooth side at a flat angle.
  • Long handled scratches add pressure to the ice and work better.
  • If possible, scratch from the edge to the center of the pane (this avoids damage to the rubber seals)
  • The ice scraping becomes easier if you work from top to bottom.

Icebreaker Ice Scraper Ice Scraper Windows Frozen car windows? One should avoid that!

Chemistry thaws the ice, but it is harmful!

  • Liquid windscreen de-icers are rarely sufficient for thickly frozen windows.
  • A combination of spraying and scratching is often unavoidable.
  • The funds need time to take effect.
  • Liquid windscreen deicers are usually relatively expensive.
  • Liquid windshield deicers are harmful to the environment.

Liquid de-icer Scraping ice Winter window Frozen car window? One should avoid that!

Protect the windshield wipers too!

  • Set up windshield wipers as far as possible so they cannot freeze to the windshield.
  • If you do anything forcefully, there is a risk that the wiper blade will tear and the wiper will be broken afterwards. Carefully separate the windscreen wiper from the windscreen, if necessary spray some de-icer on the rubbers.
  • If a cover film is used to keep the windshield free, the wiper blades can be easily removed.

Windshield scratching Windshield wiper frozen e1606983778817 Frozen car windows? One should avoid that!

Prevent the windows from fogging up again!

  • When the car is in motion, the existing humidity tends to freeze onto the window again. By activating the windshield washer, the view is quickly clear again. (Wash water must be mixed with sufficient antifreeze) - (This removes moisture in the car)
  • If present, then switch on the air conditioning and direct the air flow towards the windshield and the side windows.
cb no thumbnail Frozen car windows? One should avoid that!

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