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That's why the tank cap has a plastic nose / bracket!

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Tank cap has a plastic tab holder 3 e1624530300582 This is why the tank cap has a plastic tab / holder!

If your car also has a plastic nose, indentation, two notches or some other small device in the fuel filler cap, then you never have to put it down on the roof of your vehicle or on the petrol pump again. The receptacle in the lid has namely a special function while refueling. Many drivers have probably already wondered where they are when they refuel at the petrol pump Closure of the filler neck can put it down so that it does not lie on the roof or, if firmly attached to the vehicle by means of a rubber bracket (tank cap tape), it doesn't dangle on the side wall and thus on the paint of the car. Many motorists have probably already seen the two notches (or similar recordings) in the lid of the fuel filler cap and wondered what the purpose is. The answer is simple: The two notches are there to hold the fuel cap when refueling to be attached to the fuel filler flap.

Although it is the easiest way to put the fuel cap on the roof of the vehicle or on the petrol pump, many people forget about it there and drive on thoughtlessly after refueling and the cap falls to the ground or simply stays behind at the petrol station. The fuel cap can also while refueling, fall down and, for example, damage the paintwork of the vehicle or simply break it. You can save yourself all that. Tank caps with corresponding recesses can almost always be found on vehicles with internal combustion engines. Especially with older vehicles. Does your vehicle have the notches? Just take a look.

simple application of the small recording

How to use the notches: Carefully clamp the tank cap with the indentations on the tank flap. Once you understand how it works properly, you will probably never put the fuel cap off or GAR it off again.

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