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For perfect combustion - the fuel filter

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Fuel filter Fuel filter Fuel filter For perfect combustion of the fuel filter

Nothing works without fuel in a car because it is needed for the engine. At least if it is a good old combustion engine and not some kind of electronic gimmick. However, the fuel is not always of a pure quality, and there may also be water in the fuel. Both can cause serious damage to an engine. If there is a blockage, due to dirt or corrosion, the water in the fuel can soon damage the engine.

Tasks / Maintenance - Fuel Filters

Fuel filter Fuel filter Fuel filter 3 e1578374553108 For perfect combustion of the fuel filter

But to prevent serious damage, a fuel filter is on board. The task of the fuel filter is to filter the dirt and water from the fuel. However, the use of the fuel filter results in normal wear and tear over time. The wear and tear of the fuel filter can affect the fuel flow over time. As this becomes less due to the clogging of the fuel filter and the engine output can be reduced. But this can also result in an irregular engine running or even failure of the engine. More information on the subject of "uneven engine running" Is there ... here! And ultimately this has an effect on the long-term performance of the engine. To avoid problems with the filter, you should regularly service the fuel filter. The extent to which a change must be made depends on the car, but also on the respective model. As a rule, however, it may be necessary to change between every 40.000 to 90.000 km.

The exchange of a fuel filter

Fuel filter Fuel filter Fuel filter 4 e1578374699908 For perfect combustion of the fuel filter

The fuel filter cannot be serviced. One should not wash it out or clean it in any other way, but replace it. The fuel filter must be replaced completely as part of maintenance. When exchanging, the model and its performance must be observed accordingly. The fuel filter is replaced via the engine compartment. To do this, you may have to disconnect the fuel lines that lead to the fuel filter. It should also be noted here that there may still be a residual amount of fuel in the lines that may leak. The same applies to the filter! If you have removed / disconnected the lines, you can open the housing of the fuel filter and remove the filter. Depending on the model, a certain installation direction may be necessary or a different workload. Finally, the fuel lines are connected. Depending on the engine and fuel, the fuel system may need to be vented. This is especially the case when the car is operated with diesel. In such a case, ventilation is necessary so that the air that has entered the pipes can escape again through the change.

Tuning - improved fuel filter

Especially in the case of modified engines, only very high quality filters should be installed, which enable optimal cleaning and flow rate. A fuel filter must definitely withstand the high demands of engine tuning. Extremely high speeds and a power in the range of over 1000 HP should not be a problem for a high-performance fuel filter. For example, there are gasoline filters made of billet aluminum with several micron filter elements made of paper. This type of filter should be installed as a pre-filter AFTER the fuel pump to protect the injectors. They are often suitable for all naturally aspirated and turbo engines with one or two fuel rail. Such a filter enables a very high flow rate and is suitable for petrol as well as for E85 or alcohol. However, a special fuel filter holder may be necessary to be able to use such a filter.

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Fuel filter Fuel filter Fuel filter 5 e1578374818271 For perfect combustion of the fuel filter

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Airbag nachr% C3% BCsten SRS impact cushion e1578294696485 310x165 For perfect combustion of the fuel filter

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Gl% C3% BCh candles diesel engine tuning 2 e1578292769598 310x165 For a perfect combustion of the fuel filter

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% C3% 96lk% C3% BChler engine cooling% C3% BChler additional cooling% C3% BChler 6 e1578335799741 310x165 For a perfect combustion of the fuel filter

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  1. Good to know that changing the fuel filter between every 40.000 and 90.000 km is recommended. My engine is no longer working so well. I suspect that I should replace the filter. Thanks for the contribution, very interesting and very informative!

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