Do you know them all? These are the fuel types on the tank

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Fuel pump types of gasoline

Confusion at the fuel pump: Super, Super-Plus, E5 and E10, high-performance gasoline and premium fuel. Above all the numerous types of gasoline offered at the gas station often cause amazement. The range of diesel fuels is usually divided into normal diesel and premium diesel, which contains special additives such as additives. With petrol - ie gasoline - the offer is already more extensive, especially at the brand gas stations. The different types of gasoline differ, for example, in terms of octane number and in their composition.

Super Plus gas station

Super and super plus

In Germany, the gas stations usually have the varieties "Super" and "Super Plus" available. The two varieties differ in terms of octane number. The octane number indicates the knock resistance of a fuel and is stated at German petrol stations in "ROZ" (Research Octane Number). Super-Benzin has an octane rating of at least 95 (ROZ 95), while Super-Plus has 98 octane (ROZ 98). Which type of gasoline is suitable for your vehicle can usually be found in the operating instructions. For many models, however, there are also information on the tank lid or under the fuel filler flap. Above all, the brand filling stations also offer premium fuels that shine with an octane number of 100 or more, and contain special additives.

Ultimate 102 fuel ARAL

Super E10 with bioethanol

Premium gasoline has been available for some time in the variants "Super E10" and "Super E5". The two varieties do not differ in terms of their octane number. Super fuel with the name "E10" can be found at German petrol pumps since the beginning of the year 2011. Super E10 has a higher admixture of bioethanol than the previous premium gasoline. The new super fuel is controversial and not suitable for every car. The fuel can damage, for example, seals or aluminum components. Whether your vehicle is approved for use with Super E10 can be found out about the manufacturer.

Bioethanol fuel

Regular gasoline and leaded gas are no longer available

The so-called regular gasoline has not been available in Germany for several years. Consumers have since had to resort to premium grade petrol with an octane rating of 95 ROZ, even though the vehicle is suitable for lower octane gasoline. In other European countries, however, regular gasoline, which has only one octane of 91 ROZ, is still available in some cases. However, leaded petrol is no longer available and has been banned throughout the EU since 2000. In Germany, however, sales of leaded petrol were discontinued years earlier. In former times Superbenzine was still available in this country as "Super leaded" and "Super unleaded". Today, gasoline in Germany is always unleaded. Nonetheless, even today, the words "lead-free" or "unleaded" often still appear on the petrol pump or on the petrol nozzle.

Types of gasoline fuel

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