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Petrol Diesel! The fuels and their differences!

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Gas pump gasoline types gasoline / diesel! The fuels and their differences!

Every driver is confronted with this again after a few hundred kilometers: Refuel. At least if there is one conventional burner is and not something an electric car. Of course you take the right gas pump and refills his car with fuel to continue driving. But have you ever lost a few thoughts about was Do you actually fill up and what are the differences between the different types of gasoline and diesel? Or what the Count on do the pumps actually mean? This article is about that Subject of fuel. Be special Differences, as Advantages and your Disadvantages explained. After a brief overview of the basics of gasoline and diesel, we also clarify the crucial question: What should I fill up with?

The fuel for the vehicle!

Petrol is generally a very complex mixture of fabulous 150 components. It is made from refined components in many petroleum refineries around the world. Incidentally, the name gasoline does not come from the car manufacturer Carl Benz, but derives from the Arabic word "luban dschawi"-" Incense from Java ". Over the years, the name finally changed to the German word benzene and the name gasoline was born.

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Diesel is based, like gasoline, as the second common fuel, on oil and is refined worldwide. Diesel is well known heavier than gasoline. (therefore you also need the pre-glow when starting, otherwise it will not ignite) Exactly these physical and chemical differences are exploited in the refinery by removing the gasoline from the diesel skims. The only one heavier Fuels would only be Kerosene in aviation and Heavy oilsthat drive shipping.

How is gasoline different from diesel?

The first, but also the biggest difference between diesel and gasoline is that, from a physical point of view, the molecular chains of both fuels different lengths are. Gasoline has much shorter side chains and therefore needs one from a chemical point of view lower activation energy than diesel to ignite. This factor plays an important role in the energy yield when fuel is burned. In addition, it also has an impact on the Exchange of pollutants, because the less “cleanly” it is burned, the more toxic exhaust gases are produced.

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Another difference is that construction the engines, as well as the starting mechanism. While engines powered by gasoline are just one spark plug need to start, the diesel needs high pressure. In the cylinder of a diesel engine there is air first pressed in and compressed under high pressure until the air is approx 900 degrees Celsius has reached. (the so-called pre-glow) Only then is diesel injected and it ignites.

Winter and summer gasoline

The so-called DIN standard 51626-1 regulates the sale of winter and summer petrol in Germany. The only difference between summer and winter fuel is that in winter the vapor pressure 90 and in summer 60 kilopascals may be a maximum. The reason for this is so that the vehicle can start without problems even at lower temperatures.

winter diesel fill up with fuel petrol / diesel! The fuels and their differences!

All common fuels and their differences

Regular gasoline has Octane number 91. However, this fuel has not been available since 2010, as modern cars require a higher octane rating.

Super 95 E5 & Super 95 E10: The numbers always correspond to the octane. So Super 95 has 95 octane. E5 and E10 represent the Admixture rate in percent of bioethanol The aim is to reduce the net amount of the pollutant exchange through a higher admixture rate should be reduced. However, caution is advised here because the higher one ethanol content may damage aluminum components from the car's fuel supply. You should therefore ask the manufacturer whether E10 can be refueled.

Super Plus and Super Plus 98: This is gasoline with a better "knock value" 98 octane. The higher octane rating increases the likelihood of uncontrolled auto-ignition lowered. As a result, the engine will run more efficient and the consumption of fuel becomes minimal less.

Fuel types fuel gasoline / diesel! The fuels and their differences!

R-Power, Ultimate, Turbo, Fast 800: The R-Power Ultimate Turbo Fast 800 it is a premium gasoline with 100 octane. In principle, as mentioned earlier, the higher octane rating simply lowers the risk of uncontrolled Misfires. So should theoretically this fuel run more efficiently than the others. However, this premium fuel contains cleaning and other additives components to increase efficiency and wear of the engine components.

Diesel: The standard diesel has a so-called Cetane value from 51 to 56. In short, the cetane value represents how high the proportion of unbranched hydrocarbon molecules is in diesel. The rule is: the higher it is, the easier it is to ignite. In addition, the diesel consists of 7% organic content.

Premium Diesel: Vice versa to the octane number for gasoline, the same applies for diesel Cetane number. Yippee higher the value is, the lower the probability of uncontrolled misfire. The Premium diesel has a Cetane value of 60.

Truck diesel: This one is cheaper - why not just take it? In short: never use a diesel truck for a car because of the fuel specific is designed for the larger displacement and the high pulling power of trucks.

Now which fuel is the best?

You may have thought that one or the other fuel would be better for the car, but unfortunately there is no better fuel than the one specified by the manufacturer. Also the Octane- respectively Cetane numbers have no significant influence. If you fill up with higher or lower values, this only manifests itself in one thing consumption or a lesser Power.

Reserve fuel gauge fuel needle fuel petrol / diesel! The fuels and their differences!

Is premium fuel still better?

Premium fuel is only partially better, because:

  • Yes: higher octane or cetane numbers ensure greater efficiency.
  • No: Each vehicle is specifically designed for a single type of fuel and should only use this.
  • Yes and no: The additional components in a premium fuel ensure, for example, less friction, improved cleaning and improved efficiency. The aim is to increase the service life of the engine.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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