Funny license plates - we've got the fun list!

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funny license plates funny car license plates we've got the fun list!

Due to the numerous variants of distinctive signs and identification numbers, funny word constructs sometimes arise. This can result in short words, depending on where you live or where you are registered. In general, each person is free to choose their preferred label. Nevertheless, due to Germany's National Socialist past, there are some restrictions. The abbreviations HJ, KZ, NS, SA and SS are therefore usually (not always) forbidden. The clerks can also at its own discretion Prohibit individual combinations, these should be considered to offensive be felt. In the city of Marburg, for example, there has been a ban on the abbreviation IS for several years. There is also a ban in the Warendorf district. There it is not possible to get a license plate with the abbreviation FE, otherwise WAF - FE would result. The number 1312, which would result in ACAB in the alphabet, is considered to be aggressive towards the police in some areas and is also sporadic forbidden. In general, license plates with number combinations like 1888, 188, 8818 or 888 are not allowed. Exceptions clearly confirm the rule here! There is even more information about the prohibited license plates in our article "These are forbidden combinations on license plates!".

Associations and prejudices

forbidden license plates Germany2 Funny license plates we have the fun list!

At regional level there are often very own interpretations and prejudices against some abbreviations. This is often the case with drivers with the abbreviations HSK or EN bad driving said. You ,,come from the country“And therefore drive too slowly and unsafe in the city. When looking at WAF, for example, you can,insanely attractive driver"Or ,,which monkey is driving" say. In Wolfsburg, the abbreviation WOB is often used,Workers without cash“Said. On the other hand, people in Offenbach often say at OF,without a license". Or in the Oder-Spree district. There some people may ask themselves when looking at LOS whether they are not in theLand without sun“Landed. GG from Gross-Gerau often stands for ,,Great danger" on the streets. The WT from Waldshut is often used for ,,Forest idiot“Used. The abbreviation DN often stands for ,,stupid nuts", RZ for"Beet growers", BM for"frosted murderer ", BB for ,,bit stupid", HH for"half a brain", WOB for"away or it fucks", ASZ for" anti-social "and HS for"Brain damage". Of course, these are all just rhyming webs of words and colloquial language.

Funny mark combinations

Countless funny license plate combinations can be found within Germany. Depending on the region, the following funny license plates can be found on the roads of the republic.

forbidden license plates Germany3 Funny license plates we have the fun list!

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