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Build up pressure - the G-Lader and its properties

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VW Corrado G60 G loader tuning pressure build up the G loader and its features

If you're interested in cross-brand tuning for tuning cars, you may have come across the term "G-Lader" or the terms "G40" and "G60". The G-Lader is a compressor similar to a conventional one Compressor or a turbochargerhowever, using a different compressor principle. G-loaders were built in the past by Volkswagen in various models, which usually had the suffix "G40" or "G60" to indicate the existing G-loader. G-loaders were used here in the VW models Polo, Golf, Passat and Corrado.

VW G40 G60 G loader tuning pressure build up the G loader and its features

G-Lader is a scroll compressor

Like a turbocharger or a supercharger, a G-supercharger is a compressor used to increase the power of an engine with the same engine displacement. In the case of the G-Lader, however, there are no turbine wheels inside, nor is it a common piston or screw compressor, but a so-called "scroll compressor". He works with two spiral snails, one of which is driven. G-loaders also differ significantly in their construction from today's more popular turbochargers. The G-Lader is driven by a belt while turbochargers are powered by the exhaust stream. The principle of the G-Lader was already in the year 1905 by the French engineer Léon Creux For a long time, however, the technology was lacking to manufacture the required precision components. Volkswagen took up the principle of the scroll compressor at the end of the 1970 years and brought the G-Lader to maturity. The model name G40 or G60 indicates the respective size of the G-Lader. Models named G40 are equipped with a smaller loader, models named G60 with a larger one.

Volkswagen makes legs of the Polo with G-Lader

In the middle of the 1980s, Volkswagen launched the Polo GT G40, a variant of its successful small car significantly enhanced in performance with 115 PS. Initially limited to 500 pieces, the uprated and factory provided with all kinds of tuning parts model could later also be purchased regularly. With the help of a G-charger, the VW Corrado, with its 1980 liter four-cylinder engine, also achieved a respectable 1,8 PS at the end of the 160 years. The top speed of the car at 225 kilometers per hour was already a house number at that time, the sprint from zero to a hundred in 8,3 seconds as well.

VW Polo G40 G loader tuning pressure build up the G loader and its features
VW Polo G40

Today are VW Corrado G60 In good condition with VW fans wanted collector's items. In the past, the G-loader in the VW tuning scene was also gladly retrofitted. Also, conversions from G40 to G60 are popular. If you are interested in a Volkswagen model with G-Lader, pay attention to an intact loader or plan appropriate repair costs. Many companies specialize in overhauling and repairing the G-Lader and offer their services.

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