Because the gasoline prices break all limits, save while driving!

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Fuel cap a plastic nose bracket 2 Because petrol prices go beyond all limits, save while driving!

At a time when politics is using every chance, no matter how small, to squeeze the last cent out of the citizen, you have to be resourceful. At the moment this applies to (amongst other things) the fuel prices. The fuel prices are current täglich On the way up. However, many cannot leave their vehicle behind, so here are a few tips on which one to use Saving fuel. It is an expensive pleasure to drive at a time when fuel prices are breaking all limits. There are many tips and tricks to ensure that the budget for fuel lasts longer. In this way, the fuel consumption of the vehicle can be reduced.

Shift correctly

At the start Accelerate quickly and upshift in good time. Professionals give the advice at about 2.000 U / min upshift. And the desired pace should be more with a low speed be driven. You should only shift down when the engine complains with jerking. Incidentally, modern vehicles indicate which gear is the best at the moment and there are also eco-shift recommendations.

Automatic conversion manual gearbox manual gearbox Because petrol prices go beyond all limits, save while driving!

Let the car roll.

If you drive with foresight, you can drive the car in some situations roll let go and don't have to brake. In the case of the switch truck, the Engine brake can be used by either taking off the gas or downshifting. This also works with an automatic, if you switched manually can be. Basically, the following rule applies: Driving more slowly and steadily uses less fuel than faster and with a lot of braking. Driving at the limit of its performance consumes an extremely high amount of fuel. If you would like to drive evenly on the motorway or on a flat road, you should Cruise control use.

Cruise control Cruise control system Cruise Control 2 Because the gasoline prices break all limits, save while driving!

Don't forget to clean out!

Often you drive things around that do not necessarily have to be in the vehicle, such as beverage crates, inline skates, tool cases and various other small parts. The ADAC has calculated that 100 kilograms that are unnecessarily moved 100 kilometers, the fuel consumption by about 0,3 liters erhöhen. And TÜV Süd has another tip in this regard. If roof boxes, bike racks or the like are mounted on the roof even though they are not needed at the moment, the vehicle needs up to 2 liters more fuel on 100 kilometers.

useless things empty the trunk completely interior e1634815699215 Because petrol prices go beyond all limits, save while driving!

Investing is worth it.

It has also been proven that when using special Fuel saving tires up to half a liter of fuel per 100 km can be saved. These tires are true expensive than conventional tires, but have another advantage in addition to the fuel-saving effect. Since they have a lower rolling resistance, the service life is also increased, at least in terms of wear and tear. With these tires you save in two places, which puts the acquisition costs into perspective.

Low-friction tires Fuel-saving tires Energy-saving tires 3 Because petrol prices go beyond all limits, save while driving!

Refuel at low prices.

According to the unanimous opinion, refueling between 18 p.m. and 19 p.m. and between 20 p.m. and 22 p.m. is often cheaper. In the morning, however, the prices for the fuel are rather high. There are apps from ACE, ADAC and other third-party providers that show the prices at various petrol stations Real time and offer users an excellent opportunity to compare. If there are several petrol stations nearby, they can be approached quickly, especially in metropolitan areas, without having to take a long detour. If the tank is empty, the fuel at the gas station further away should be at least 2 cents cheaper and the distance should not be more than five kilometers. Otherwise it won't pay off! And there are also regular significant price differences between the providers.

petrol prices save petrol driving petrol station Because petrol prices exceed all limits, save while driving!

Plan your trips wisely.

Gerade short distances are not good for the car and consume a lot of fuel. A gasoline engine allows itself to start with a rich mixture when it is still cold, which means that it consumes more than when it is at the perfect temperature. There are two options here. Either you use the bike for short distances, you walk or several short tours are combined. Of course you should too Public transport services .

petrol prices save petrol driving trunk 1 Because petrol prices go beyond all limits, save while driving!

Do not let it warm up while standing!

It harms the environment, it's banned, and it doesn't really work. If the engine runs for an hour at a standstill, it needs 0,5 to 1 liters Fuel Modern cars have an automatic start-stop system, as it pays off to turn off the engine after a period of 20 seconds. The load for starter and battery are extremely low, but the benefit for the environment and fuel consumption is enormous. Pay attention to how often you stand at a traffic light or a railroad barrier every day. Anyone who does not have this automatic start-stop system can turn the key by hand for this effect. Modern vehicles even show how long the engine has been deactivated since the start of the last journey and how many kilometers with the saved spray zusätzlich can be driven.

Let the engine warm up e1607248072969 Because the petrol prices go beyond all limits, save while driving!

Less electrical gadgets in use, less fuel consumption.

First of all, it should be said that safety-related things are allowed definitely not to be saved, these include the lighting, the windscreen heating or the windscreen wipers. That would save money in the wrong place. But the seat heating, the steering wheel heating and the massage function of the seats can be switched off again as quickly as possible or not switched on at all.

Retrofitting steering wheel heating Because petrol prices go beyond all limits, save while driving!

Check the tire pressure regularly.

If the tires of the vehicle have too little pressure, the driving behavior can deteriorate and the braking distances can be longer. Just 0,5 bar less pressure in the tire can reduce fuel consumption up to five percent can increase. In addition, the tires wear out faster. We therefore advise you to use the tire pressure every other refueling stop or once a month to check. When determining the value, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Modern vehicles always keep an eye on the correct value thanks to TPMS sensors.

Convert bar bar PSI tire air pressure Because gasoline prices are breaking all limits, save while driving!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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