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Quick and cult - Gasser tuning on vintage cars

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Gasser Tuning HotRod Auto Sauschnell and cult Gasser tuning on classic cars

You want a special tuning for your car? You like the Gasser style of the 60er or 70er? Then a Gasser Style Tuning is just the thing for your car. With such a vehicle tuning you can your car in a Gasser HotRod turn. HotRod is your term more common than Gasser Cars? Below we explain the features of the Gasser style and explain what makes Dragracing and Gasser cars so interesting.

Gasser Cars - what makes them special?

Gasser Tuning HotRod Auto 2 e1563432231888 Quick and iconic Gasser tuning on classic cars

Gasser Cars are also referred to as Gasser HotRod and have an essential feature, they are incredibly fast. A Gasser HotRod was among the fastest racing cars ever among the 50ers and 70rn. Even today Dragraces take place, in which Gasser Cars are used. Depending on the car model, the Gasser tuning is also designed for the outer Gasser style. The Gasser cars are based on car models of the 30er until mid-60er years and were due to structural changes to fast cars for the Dragracingbereich. It is interesting that in the cars a better weight distribution is achieved and superfluous weight was reduced. Fiberglass body, Plexiglas windows and other material changes make weight reduction possible.

Gasser HotRod - external features

Gasser Tuning HotRod Auto 3 e1563432290209 Quick and iconic Gasser tuning on classic cars

Dragracing in the US repeatedly shows that Gasser HotRods are superior to other cars. Gasser Cars are named after several drag racing classes. The Gasser cars have fans in Germany as well and it is possible to make the car at least look a little like a HotRod in appropriate tuning workshops. Classic at Gasser HotRods is the historic 60er and 70er look. The cars have a stinger, which makes the vehicle extremely loud. However, Stinger, among other things due to the noise, not roadworthy. Which features are roadworthy for us and whether such a car in Germany is not more to look at, you should bring in a tuning workshop in experience. The Gasser tuning is possible in America. Which optical changes are feasible to tune your car in the Gasser Style in Germany, about tuning workshops can enlighten. Essentially, it's about giving your car the HotRod style and making it look unique and unique.

Gasser Tuning - conclusion

The Gasser tuning style goes back to Gasser Cars. The Gasser Cars are extremely fast, also referred to as Gasser HotRods and are structurally held in the car style of the 60er and 70er years. The cars have a lighter and better distributed weight than the originals and participate in so-called Dragraces. A classic visual feature of the Gasser HotRods is the Stinger, which is extremely loud and banned in Germany. But there are other Gasser car features. If you want to tune your car in Gasserstyle, then you should ask a tuning workshop, which is legally possible. We hope that you the info report on the topic / term Gasser Tuning (further names / keywords: Gasser Cars, Gasser Style, Gasser HotRod) from the field of car tuning. Our goal is that the largest German-language tuning dictionary (Tuning Wikipedia) and to explain tuning terms from A to Z easily and understandably. Almost every day we expand this encyclopedia and how far we are already can you HERE see. Soon the next one will be Tuning scene concept be illuminated by us. Incidentally, you will be informed about new topics if you have ours Feed subscribe to.

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Ventilation grille - ventilation & ventilation

Fresh air grille L% C3% bft grille Cusco Panel Tuning e1563018811263 310x165 Fast and iconic Gasser tuning on classic cars

More road safety with an additional mirror

Dead Angle Mirror Additional Mirror Tuning 310x165 Sauschnell and cult Gasser tuning on classic cars

Useful & chic: A cool towing loop on the car!

Towing loop Towing hook Towing% C3% B6se Tuning e1563339237710 310x165 Quickly and culturally Gasser Tuning on Oldtimer

For a better view - Tuning of the spray nozzles

Tuning Spritzwasserd% C3% BCsen Waschd% C3% BCsen LED e1563256582984 310x165 In a nutshell and iconic Gasser tuning on classic cars

Grille tuning: with individuality to a new look

NoName K% C3% BClendergrill Unbranded Tuning 310x165 Quickly and culturally Gasser Tuning on Oldtimer

Tip: improved visibility in the car with a reversing lens

Wide Angle Lens R% C3% Bckfahrlinse rear window mirror tuning e1563337411394 310x165 Sauschnell and cult Gasser tuning on Oldtimer

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