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Tip: Causes and avoidance of gear damage!

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Towing the car on manual transmission Automatic 2 Tip: Causes and avoidance of gearbox damage!

Transmission damage is both at Automatic- as well as with Manual transmission a costly affair and usually incurs costs four-digit range, unless you have a suitable one Exchange gear ready and in the best case you can still install it yourself. But as a rule there are only a few options in the event of a gearbox damage, either you leave the damage repair, scrap the car or sell it with the transmission damage. But what are the most common causes of transmission damage and there are signsthat could indicate possible gearbox damage? In order to be able to answer these questions, we have put together relevant information about gearbox damage and its causes in this article.

Transmission damage: the most common technical and human causes

The transmission, of whatever type, is probably the most complex part of a car drive. Whether your car has a manual gearbox, a classic automatic transmission or a Dual-clutch transmission (Direct shift transmission) does not change the fact that every type of transmission is exposed to extremely high loads on a daily basis. Especially if there is one more performance increase was made that the torque increases. Due to the load, transmission damage can not only be technical, but also human failure have the cause. In addition, the gearboxes from some manufacturers or suppliers can already be in poor quality can be delivered, whereby gear damage is practically inevitable after a certain mileage. On the other hand, even the most robust transmission can be pushed to its limits by the handling and driving style of the driver.

Gearbox damage Preventing causes Tip: Causes and avoidance of gearbox damage!

often there is a threat of total economic loss

But regardless of whether a human or a technical error is the cause of the gearbox damage, one repair or the complete exchange of the transmission causes horrendous costs, which, especially with older car models, can quickly exceed the residual value of the vehicle. This would be called a economic total loss of the vehicle mean. If you want to prevent expensive gearbox damage as a driver, then you should actively contribute and protect the transmission.

The sound and shift behavior are meaningful indicators of gear damage

Atypical, rattling metallic noises and strong vibrations while driving, can be the first signs of impending transmission damage. If you see these signs on your car, go to a workshop as soon as possible. Detected early enough, the cause can in most cases be quite simply identified by the Exchange of worn parts like that needle roller bearings, the Shift sleeve or a poetry be resolved. In this way, others can also consequential damages prevented and costs kept within limits. Another indicator is that Switching behavior of the transmission. Simply ask yourself the following questions for self-diagnosis:

  • Can you do the gears perfect and without additional pressure insert?
  • Do the aisles jump out by themselves?
  • Is the vehicle in neutral even though it is in gear?
  • Is the circuit becoming increasingly choppy?

If you have any of these questions with a Ja answer, then there is a need for action. First you should transmission oil check, because this takes care of the lubrication. Is the Oil level too low or has the oil on Lubricity lost, this can happen with a manual transmission as well as with an automatic transmission additional friction to lead. This friction could lead to breakouts on the gears, the so-called "Pittings" to lead. These are also the first signs of impending gear damage. You should therefore always ensure that the maintenance intervals are adhered to on time and make sure that the gear oil level is satisfactory.

Transmission damage due to bad habits

Especially drivers of cars with Manual transmission should this if possible operate gently and as good as possible Switching error avoid. You should always have the clutch press properly to engage the appropriate gear for the speed. Because several times Interconnect A gear that is too low can quickly be the cause of gearbox damage.

A bad habit among drivers of vehicles with automatic transmissions is shifting from drive position "D" to reverse geareven though the vehicle is still rolling. This habit puts enormous stress on the transmission. To save the transmission, you should make sure that the vehicle stands still before you select another speed level. Likewise should too high speeds be avoided. Even the hand out of habit on Gear stick the abzuleg, can have a negative effect, as in this way the vibrations are transmitted to the shift linkage and cause greater wear. In addition, many can Mountain rides or the Pulling loads can lead to gearbox damage after a certain period of time.

Gearbox damage Preventing causes 1 tip: Causes and avoidance of gearbox damage!

The most common cause of gearbox damage is the gearbox itself. Therefore, the gearbox should always be accurate checked and serviced become. Repairs to the shift linkage or the Clutch contemporary carried out so that the gears in the transmission do not suffer.

What can you do if a transmission damage occurs?

A repair of a gearbox failure is especially important Automatic or dual clutch transmissions quite an expensive proposition. If the gearbox is damaged, the residual value of the car can be determined to see if it would make sense to repair it or if the car should be better sold. If you decide to sell the car with a damaged transmission, then you should a purchase If you buy it from a dealer, you should definitely prefer it to a private buyer, as you can still achieve a reasonably attractive price for the vehicle despite the gearbox damage and none at all warranty or Warranty have to give.

Automatic conversion manual gearbox Tip: Causes and avoidance of gearbox damage!

Summary information on the subject of gear damage:

  • Repairs are often complex and expensive
  • Do not shift through the gears too quickly (synchronizing rings are subject to very high wear if the gear changes too quickly)
  • do not engage reverse gear while the car is rolling
  • do not put your hand on the gear lever
  • always depress the clutch correctly
  • never neglect maintenance
  • Unsuitable gear oil or insufficient oil level are problematic
  • Never forcefully engage gear
  • Do not let the clutch slip at the traffic light / traffic jam
  • Driving with numerous acceleration and braking maneuvers is unfavorable
  • Avoid high speeds
  • avoid regularly pulling heavy loads or frequent mountain climbing
  • An alternative to replacement is repair or maintenance
  • Damage to the gearbox can also be caused by thermal overload, defective, worn individual parts and incorrectly performed gearbox assemblies

Automatic conversion manual gearbox manual gearbox 1 Tip: Causes and avoidance of gearbox damage!

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