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The ultimate eye-catcher - the Shadow Roof-Mount RV Trailer!

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Shadow Roof Mount RV Trailer Gooseneck Roof Tuning The ultimate eye-catcher of the Shadow Roof Mount RV Trailer!

Shadow Roof-Mount RV Trailer is the name of a caravan trailer first produced in the 70s. The trailer, also known as the Gooseneck Trailer, was launched on the market in 1972 and differs from other caravans in terms of shape and, in particular, the way it is installed on the towing vehicle. In the 70s it was normal in the USA to attach large camper trailers to a powerful vehicle and to travel America with it. Nowadays, the trend is tending towards Mobile homes. For example, the Shadow Roof-Mount RV Trailer was pulled by high-performance vehicles such as the Chevrolet Caprice in 1972. The special trailer variant was not attached to a trailer coupling at the rear, but was attached to the roof or the vehicle frame. The Shadow Roof-Mount RV trailers are presented in more detail below.

Shadow Roof-Mount RV Trailer - Gooseneck Trailer

Shadow Roof Mount RV Trailer Gooseneck Roof Tuning 2 The ultimate eye-catcher of the Shadow Roof Mount RV Trailer!

The special trailers that can be attached to the roof and frame of the vehicle are also known as gooseneck trailers. Gooseneck means swan neck. And the shape of the caravan trailer is not just round, elliptical or rectangular. The gooseneck trailers have an elongated, upwardly protruding "neck" that is reminiscent of a gooseneck. The name Gooseneck Trailer was chosen because of the shape of the caravan trailer. The Shadow Roof-Mount RV Trailer also has two axles and is also called "The Shadow". The specific looking trailer was manufactured by Harmon Industries. The trailer won't just have one Trailer hitch connected to the vehicle, but has a specially designed mounting system that allows installation on the roof of the towing vehicle. With this type of coupling, the camping trailer with the gooseneck hardly hampers the towing vehicle when maneuvering. Even very long towing vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Caprice, can still perform a 360 degree turn if they are connected to the Shadow Roof-Mount RV Trailer without moving the trailer much.

Shadow Roof-Mount RV Trailer - pure nostalgia

There are still some pictures and forum posts on the Internet that invite you to take a nostalgic trip to the 70s. There are trailers that are kept in the original 70s color combinations green and orange. The trailers used to be very popular. Nowadays you rarely see a gooseneck trailer, which can have to do with a decisive disadvantage. The attachment of the trailer to a vehicle roof and the enormous tensile forces that prevailed while the trailer was in motion caused damage to some vehicles. If a vehicle is not suitable for such forces, then it cannot be used as a towing vehicle for a Shadow Roof-Mount RV Trailer. If you want to take a nostalgic trip to the 70s, a gooseneck trailer and a trip with the trailer through the USA are exactly the right choice. The right high-performance vehicle should be used to pull a Shadow Roof-Mount RV trailer and of course the roof and the stiffeners underneath must be designed for the trailer.

currently still available for large pickups

While the system has not caught on on cars with a clutch on the roof, it is still available for larger pickups and especially for trucks. There are also companies in this country who make such an American-style pickup trailer approved for German road traffic. The gooseneck trailer is then connected to a coupling above the rear axle on the pickup or truck. The advantages are obvious. The type of attachment brings more security and comfort through better weight distribution and also more stability and maneuverability is given. The payload is very high at up to 5 tons and is actually only limited by the pulling power and payload of the towing vehicle. And the Gooseneck Trailer is easy to separate from the towing vehicle.

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Shadow Roof Mount RV Trailer Gooseneck Roof Tuning 3 The ultimate eye-catcher of the Shadow Roof Mount RV Trailer!

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