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2020 update at GTA Online Casino - what did it actually bring?

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Diamond Casinos Resort GTA 2021 e1614679337109 2020 update at GTA Online Casino what did it actually bring?

Meanwhile it's good again one year ago, since then GTA Online Casino Update has been published. The update brought new cars with it, but so did them high priced are. We have summarized which new vehicles these are and where the prices are in our article. The update that in winter 03/2020 has been published, encourages teamwork once again. A new robbery was installed and new vehicles were presented at the same time. What is immediately noticeable is that this time even Commercial Vehicles are involved.

The casino theme is underlined again by the hot new cars. As soon as the inside of the casino is visited, it quickly becomes clear that the gambling hall is very popular. This is not only the case with GTA Online Casino. If you dare to take a look at the real casinos, so will no difference to the online version detected. Instead of going to a local casino, people love to resort to the many online casinos. Especially that Online casino without a German license has been on the rise here for a few months now.

Overview of the most important GTA Online Casino updates

The provider of GTA Online Casino Rockstar Games has come up with an innovation with the increase in the cost of vehicles. Because meanwhile the level of difficulty in making money has decreased massively. Many players do not like the update at GTA Online Casino at all. The prices are too excessive. The gamers still find the inclusion of the new vehicle fleet acceptable. However, it says properly save upto get a car at War Stock. The fire engine in the commercial vehicle category alone has a fabulous price of 2,4 million dollars listed in the GTA world. That means a long period of time for every player to save.

Was Stock GTA5 2020 Update at GTA Online Casino what did it actually bring?

The update has resulted in the following vehicles being added to the fleet:

  • $ 62.000 of the GTA world: Blazer
  • $ 298.000- $ 398.000 GTA World: Boxville
  • $ 450.000- $ 598.000 GTA World: Bugstars Burrito
  • $ 865.000 of the GTA world: Water watch
  • $ 1.680.000- $ 2.240.000 GTA World: Stockade
  • $ 2.471.250- $ 3.295.000 GTA World: Fire truck

Legendary Sport also has new vehicles to show:

  • $ 1.175.000 of the GTA world: Overpowering Rebla
  • $ 1.275.000 of the GTA world: Lampadati Komoda

Not only the two predecessors have new models in their portfolio. Fans of the racing category will also get their money's worth when they opt for vehicles from Southern San Andreas:

  • $ 306.000- $ 408.000 GTA World: Maxwell Asko / Opel Corsa
  • $ 1.106.250- $ 1.475.000 GTA World: Karin Everon
  • $ 1.215.000- $ 1.620.000 GTA World: Vapid Retinue
  • $ 1.660.500- $ 2.214.000 GTA World: Maxwell Vagrant

Southern San Andreas 2020 update at GTA Online Casino what did it actually bring?

Why the screw on the price was so tightened!

The prices at GTA Online were meanwhile massively increased. As a result, it takes a lot longer before you can afford a car for the game. The rise in prices is particularly noticeable with collectors not on love in return. With GTA Online, however, players also have the option of using real money stake Acquire cars within the game. For many players, this process is absurd, as the purchase of a car is included almost 40 euros.

Since then, a heated debate about the pricing of the cars has flared up in the relevant GTA online forums. A forum post that is listed on Reddit describes that it is easier and, above all, cheaper to simply use the fire engine to steal. The status that a player has been searched for can be quickly deleted anyway.

There are many complaints about the new pricing. However, Rockstar Games does not react to this. In any case, the GTA Online provider did not contact us. The still profitable income gives no reason to do so, because GTA Online continues to be one of the most popular games of all.

GTA5 Obey 8F Drafter 2020 Update at GTA Online Casino what did it actually bring?

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