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Guerilla tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

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Guerilla Tuning Slapdash Supercar 2 Guerrilla Tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

The term guerilla tuning stands for the "refining" of vehicles with cardboard and construction foam. The term has its origin mainly in Lithuania; Here some tuners have built very individual cars with the help of construction foam and cardboard, which can even be seen, but hardly ever get a license in Germany. Then there is again an activity that was invented by an artist; This type of guerrilla tuning is about pimping foreign vehicles with parts made from cardboard boxes.

Guerrilla Tuning by Max Siedentopf

Guerilla Tuning Slapdash Supercar 3 Guerrilla Tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

Designer Max Siedentopf thinks the tuned cars look awful and wanted to show that things can be done differently. At least he has shown that it is cheaper because he tuned vehicles with boxes. Although designer Max Siedentopf is not really an auto-freak, but the tuned vehicles he saw on a trip to LA, he just could not get it out of his head. Then Siedentopf has researched the most terrible or hottest tuning parts. He wanted to build this with cardboard at home. He has only tuned private family cars in a guerrilla action early in the morning. The cars belonged to strangers. You have got oversized components such as spoilers, fat overhangs, radiator grills and air scoops. He calls his tuning collection Slapdash supercars, It is not completely legal, says designer Max Siedentopf. He sees in it a combination of nostalgia, art and a stupid joke. Since the components made of cardboard but were attached only with tape was created, apart from some work when removing, no harm. So far, he is still waiting for guerrilla conversions of his kind to pass him by. The designer is of the opinion that the cars look more and more similar and in addition there are fewer and fewer tuned or individual cars. What the designer thinks is a pity.

Guerrilla Tuning in Lithuania

Guerilla Tuning Slapdash Supercar Bauschaum Guerilla Tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

The StVO is known in Lithuania not quite as strict as it is in Germany. This is the example of the guerrilla tuners from Lithuania, who spice up the body of vehicles with construction foam and cardboard. If the cardboard is painted over with varnish, the final result will not look as bad as you might think at first. For example, one from Lithuania has an older Mercedes Benz CLK before the conversion to 30 inch rims and was provided in the entire body with holes. Here a lot of construction foam and cardboard were used to bring the body up front and give it the right shape. Subsequently, the body was worked on with sandpaper.

at least the accessories should not rust

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Speedkore Lucifer Dodge Demon BiTurbo Tuning 2 310x165 Guerilla Tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

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Spare wheel holder% C3% A4ger Spare wheel holder Tuning e1561114050150 310x165 Guerilla Tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

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Alien style tuning Chrysler PT X Cruiser 310x165 Guerilla tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

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quickshifter Quick Shifter Automatic Tuning e1561005110806 310x165 Guerilla Tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

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Gearbox controller% C3% A4t Gearbox% C3% BChler Tuning Software 2 310x165 Guerilla Tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

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Pulse Chamber Exhaust System Tuning e1561206615214 310x165 Guerilla Tuning: with cardboard and foam to dream car

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Guerilla tuning: with cardboard and construction foam to the dream car

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