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Tip: Tuning the handbrake cuff / handbrake bladder

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Handbrake boot Handbrake bellow Locking bellow e1575875425112 Tip: Tuning the handbrake boot / handbrake boot

As well as the Shifting bag / automatic bellows also includes the handbrake cuff to the standard equipment in the car cockpit. It is part of the brake system but less and less seen in recent years. The manufacturers offer more and more often the vehicles with one electric parking brake which leads to the fact that in the interior only a small button is installed. But in simple models, in small cars and older vehicles is still mostly the classic handbrake installed. Sometimes even quite rustic. Because earlier, especially small car models were offered with a handbrake, which had not even installed a handbrake cuff. But even then a retrofit was possible.

Sense of the cuff

Handbrake boot Handbrake bellow Locking bellow 2 Tip: Tuning the handbrake boot / handbrake boot

The cuff protects the manual brake mechanism hand brake, It has a recess in the upper narrow part through which the brake handle protrudes. The cuff is therefore only a cover of the mechanical connecting elements between the brake handle or brake knob and the mechanics installed underneath. The cuff primarily prevents any small parts from the interior of the car from falling into the brake mechanism and blocking the function. The entry of small dust particles is also prevented thanks to the cuff. The brake mechanism works reliably due to the cuff. In a mid-range car, the handbrake boot is often made of synthetic leather. As a rule, the seams are visible, although this can be wanted from manufacturer to manufacturer as an eye-catcher. High-end models often have a real leather cuff. The standard cuff is black or gray because most of the other fittings are also black or gray. The hand brake cuff can also be made of plastic. In this case, the cuff is designed in the form of a bellows. The cuffs are attached to the brake handle or brake knob with the help of cable ties, staples or a clip.

Replacing the handbrake cuff

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If you want to add a little more color to the interior of your car, you can replace the handbrake cuff. There are many variants of cuffs from different manufacturers. What you have to pay attention to when buying is the length of the cuff. In addition to standard handbrake cuffs of different colors in many colors - including two-tone ones - there are cuffs for sale that are coated with glitter or coated with carbon, etc. In addition, individually designed cuffs are also available. What is also available for the gearshift bag is also available for the cuff on the handbrake. Often sets can even be ordered that contain both cuffs. An identical look is then guaranteed. There are many models made of leather or synthetic leather for the handbrake cuffs offered for retrofitting or replacement. Depending on the provider, the seam color can be freely selected. Replacing the handbrake cuff is easy. Often not even the knob or handle has to be removed for this. Often this cannot be removed at all, as it is firmly connected to the other car mechanics. Instead, the cuff can usually be easily removed from the knob, as it is usually only inserted. It is just as easy to put the new cuff on. The same type of fastening with cable ties or staples should be selected for fastening the replaced sleeve as for the original part.

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