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What does an improved Hardy disc bring in the drive?

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Hardy disc joint disc Giubo clutch tuning 3 e1600853058496 What is the point of an improved hardy disc in the drive?

Hardy disks are used in the drive technology of automobiles. For example at the transmission output of vehicles with rear-wheel drive. As a rule, they are flexible disks made of elastic material with integrated steel bushings that are manufactured using the vulcanization process. Mainly the mentioned vehicles with rear-wheel drive have a hardy disc, precisely formulated it sits on the cardan shaft. Another hardy disc also regulates the steering. It sits between the steering shaft and the steering gear and cushions hard knocks from the steering wheel.

Function of the hardy disk

Hardy disc joint disc Giubo clutch tuning 4 What does an improved hardy disc bring in the drive?

The task of the Hardy disk is to compensate for minimal angular movements. Unwanted angular movements can occur between the gearbox and the drive shaft and between the drive shaft and the differential. An additional effect is that a Hardy disk also dampens undesired torque peaks or even reduces them almost completely. Without this function, the components would be exposed to heavy use. The Hardy disc has the function of protecting the car components by reducing vibrations and small shocks, because it corrects angle errors. Due to the lower stress, the affected auto parts have a longer service life and mileage. Drives without a mobile phone window would simply be too heavily loaded. In addition, the Hardy disc in the drive reduces the acoustic background noise when driving because the drive train is separate from the body.

Swap hard disk for an improved version

A simple look at the hard disk shows optically whether it is worn out. A defective Hardy disk is noticeable acoustically through uncontrolled jerking and rumbling, especially if you suddenly accelerate or take it off. This is a clear signal that the Hardy disk is not working properly. An additional indication of the exchange is a significantly increased background noise. An improved hardy disc is usually made of aluminum and can withstand even extraordinary loads. It should have bearings made of PU and enable a similar direct power transmission as a hardy disc made of solid material. Nevertheless, the improved variant can absorb particularly high torque surges. A tuning hardy disk is usually specially developed for motorsport and less designed for comfort.

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