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Programming the popcorn or hardcut limiter!

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Popcorn Hardcut Limiter Petrol Diesel e1615375579665 Programming of Popcorn or Hardcut Limiter!

Should you be familiar with the topic Chiptuning deal, then you may have heard of the term "Popcorn or Hardcut Limiter" belongs. But what is it actually? We try to explain it to you roughly. Ordinary cars have one the weicher and comfortable rev. By interrupting the ignition and the injection, the engine is protected from damage caused by excessive speed. At sports car or software-optimized cars (so vehicles with an increase in performance) there are also so-called Hard cut limiter (Popcorn Limiter). From gentle and comfortable you can after the installation can not be talk more. But how will the change be achieved? The Ignition interrupted, but still for a few bars injected and depending on the programming, ignited later.

In other words: With a chip tuning with the desired Popcorn or Hardcut Limiter a hard cut is generated by injecting the engine at a precisely defined engine speed is exposed. Injection starts again as soon as the engine speed increases falls off. Since this process occurs in Hundredths of a second happens, the typical arises Popcorn Effect. What is meant is the pop-pop-pop soundscape!

Is that only possible with petrol or also with diesel?

When the speed limiter is reached, the changes Popcorn limiter also the behavior of a diesel vehicle. If the speed limiter is reached in the series vehicle, the speed is normally kept at this point by the soft cut limiter until the driver intervenes. However, if a popcorn limiter is used, the fuel injection is also suspended at maximum speed and the engine behaves similarly to a gasoline vehicle with a hard-cut limiter

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Popcorn Hardcut Limiter Petrol Diesel 2 e1615375671582 Programming of Popcorn or Hardcut Limiter!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Programming popcorn or hardcut limiter!

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