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Heated headlights on the car? Why not!

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Lens heater heated headlights frozen e1605163763689 Heated headlights on the car? Why not!

Cars have been around for decades heated seats, heated steering wheels, heated front and Rear windows or heated side mirrors. Many of them are factory-installed and many are available as optional comfort equipment. But why are there no heated headlights so far? Or at least the possibility of retrofitting a headlight heater? Because conventional technology uses halogen or xenon to generate enough heat to defrost iced headlights. In addition, in the case of xenon, the mandatory one also helps Headlight washers (SWR). The switch to ultra-modern LED technology changes that, however. LEDs do not generate any heat and so the headlights do not de-ice by themselves. And an SWR is not mandatory either. Quite a problem that for vehicles too with retrofitted LEDs.

Canatu CNB heaters

Canatu CNB Heizgeraete Heated headlights on the car? Why not!

The German company Canatu has therefore thought about it and presented a concept for heated headlights. This allows snow and ice on the surface of the headlight to be melted quickly. This means that the driver's view is not restricted. This is particularly beneficial for autonomous technology. After all, like the vehicle driver, it depends on the correctly illuminated lane in order to function. This is why Canatu has the Canatu CNB heaters developed on a film basis. The film comes on the headlights and warms them up. The system works very quickly and can even heat up! However, the idea is not that new. Headlights with heated windshields are already available as accessories. Although these are with conventional wire technology (similar to the rear window) equipped, but the result is identical. In winter temperatures with minus degrees, the headlights are quickly de-iced with heating wire.

LED headlights with window heating

Lens heating heated headlights Tuning Heated headlights on the car? Why not!

And these LED headlights with heated windshields are often even approved for use on the road. However, the variants with window heating available up to now are only "additional headlights". So headlights, which for example provide additional high beam, as daytime running lights work or in the form of Searchlights are installed on the vehicle. All of these variants are available with a lens heater on request and including approval for road traffic. Retrofittable LED main headlights including window heating with approval are currently (as of 2020) not yet available.

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Lens heater heated headlights frozen 1 Heated headlights on the car? Why not!

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