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Tightrope - spotlights sound (legal regulations)

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The sounding of light away from the permitted colors - forward and for the reversing light white, red to the rear, turn signal yellow - is not permitted in Germany. There are various possibilities of optical tuning with light, the borderline and exceptional cases we want to look at here.

Glazing taillights tuning tightrope tones (legal provisions)
Glazing the rear lights is popular - but prohibited

Possibilities of headlight tuning

There are various options for retrofitting and upgrading headlight tuning, such as the Devil Eyes. These are LED daytime running lights with a strip of white LEDs and sometimes built-in fog lights that look like an evil eye. First of all, it is crucial for the approval that the light remains white. The headlights must also have an E number and accordingly have a type approval. For some drivers, the white devil's eyes are not enough, they want to replace the large LED with colored lights.

Devil Eyes tuning headlight tightrope headlight tint (legal provisions)
Devil Eyes headlight in red

Preferably, these should be red to enhance the effect of devil eyes. That is not permitted according to StVZO. Forwards - see above - only white lighting equipment is permitted. Anyone who violates this pays a fine at each police check and loses it type approval the headlight, the approval for the vehicle and the insurance cover. There is an exemption subject to licensing: Fog lights may light up bright yellow, but a change request is required.

LED tuning to the Angel Eyes headlight

The Angel-Eyes are a combination of daytime running lights and a ring that shines all around (the “halo”, hence the name), sometimes a fog light is also integrated. They are permissible with type approval and E number. Important to know: In this case, the fog lights must not be switched on during the day without fog because they are very bright - especially not when they light up slightly yellow. A violation of this is punishable by relatively high fines.

Colored foiling of the spotlights or colored LEDs

Either with colored films or paints or (rarely) with colored LEDs, some drivers individualize on their own various lights on their vehicle. A reputable tuning workshop would reject such an order. This variant of light manipulation is strictly prohibited. The drivers glue the headlight surfaces with colored special foils. The StVZO clearly states that

  • none colors other than those mentioned above (white, red, yellow for the respective purpose) are allowed,
  • a change neither by incandescent lamps nor by lacquers or foils may take place as well
  • the intended light transmittance of the light sources must be preserved.

It threatens Verwarngelder as well as the loss of operating license and insurance coverage. The drivers should say goodbye to this idea. Your tuning workshop is happy to advise you on the legal options of optical tuning that give a great deal.

Headlight tiling tuning tightrope headlight tinting (legal requirements)
Foil headlights is prohibited

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ECE approval tuning 2 310x165 tightrope headlight tint (legal provisions)

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Child seat UNECE Tuning 310x165 tightrope headlight tint (legal notice)

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