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What if you see children or animals in a heated car?

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What if you see children or animals in a heated car?

When the temperatures rise sharply again, as they do these days, cars can break down extremely heat up and to Heat trap become. If passers-by see that children or animals are in a closed car on a hot day, they should act quickly depending on the situation. We all know by now that cars become a heat trap for children and animals in summer and shouldn't even be left in the car for a short time. The temperatures in the interior can rise quickly up to 60 degrees Celsius climb. Anyone who leaves animals or children in the car on warm days brings them in risk of death. Even open windows do not improve the situation.

the heat trap in the car threatens

In a test by the ADAC, two identical vehicles were compared with the same outside temperature. One had closed the window and the other opened. Both vehicles achieved an almost identical value. In the car with the windows closed, the temperature rose to 10 degrees Celsius within 38 minutes and to 20 degrees Celsius after 45 minutes.

What if you see children or animals in a heated car?

In the other vehicle, the temperature was 10 degrees Celsius after 36 minutes and 20 degrees Celsius after 42 minutes. After an hour in the blazing sun, both vehicles had a temperature of well over 50 degrees Celsius measured. Consists NONE AT ALL Another possibility, then the situation is only justifiable for a short time if the The engine continues to run and the Air conditioning the car cools. In terms of environmental protection, however, this can even be punished. More information can be found in our article "Running the engine will be expensive!". So you should be exactly wrong about how necessary it is to leave children or animals in the car.

every minute can decide

What if you see children or animals in a heated car?

Anyone who, as a passerby, sees an animal or child trapped in a car on a hot day should, depending on the situation to act quickly. Particularly toddlers are often helpless because they cannot even get out of the child seat on their own. When in doubt, it is best to make it clear to other people what the problem is and to include it. For example, in the case of a vehicle that has been parked in the parking lot of a supermarket, the owner in the shop can be called out. It is also never wrong to use the Police or fire brigade communicated. The emergency services can even open the window without breaking it and injuring the occupants.

in an emergency you have to lend a hand yourself

In an extreme emergency, the disc should struck become. However, before this step is carried out, the police or fire brigade should be informed beforehand. It is also recommended if before the action an evidence photo is taken. In case of doubt, it can even lead to a dispute over property damage with the owner. Although no court rulings are known so far, they certainly want to go for it not.

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What if you see children or animals in a heated car?

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What if you see children or animals in a heated car?

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What if you see children or animals in a heated car?

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