For the cold winter time - A fan heater for your car?

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Fan heater Electric fan heater Engine heater Auxiliary heater For the cold winter time A fan heater for your car?

A fan heater is an electrical device that essentially consists of a heating element and a fan. This heats air and blows it in a certain direction, which is why the term fan heater is sometimes used. Fan heaters are mostly used as additional, often temporarily used, heating for the rapid warming of cold rooms. Additional fan heaters are used in cars to support standard car heating, especially in winter or when a Engine preheater as permanent installation is simply too expensive or no domestic socket near the parking lot. In addition, the little helpers come as defrosters for use. Because racing to the car and letting the engine warm up is not a good idea. There is a fine of 80 euros!

Why retrofit a fan heater?

Fan heater Electric fan heater Engine heater Auxiliary heater 2 For the cold winter time A fan heater for your car?

Unless it's a very old classic car, your car is most likely already equipped with at least one heater fan. Most car heaters have a fan that ensures that the warm air is distributed inside the vehicle. Usually, the air flow can also be directed in a desired direction and, for example, directed towards the occupants and the windshield or the feet or both so that it warms up more quickly or the windshield defrosts more quickly. However, the car heater only works as long as the engine is running. So it happens that it is very cold in the car if you get into the car after a long time outside in winter and none Stationary heating system have. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also lead to difficulties in driving when your fingers and toes are numb from the cold and you do not get a real feel for the operation of the steering wheel or the pedals.

Fan heater Electric fan heater Engine heater Auxiliary heater 3 For the cold winter time A fan heater for your car?

The car heater alone often takes too long to warm up the vehicle. Another area of ​​application of fan heaters is to support the de-icing of the windows. Here, hot air is blown onto the pane and the glass is heated as a result. The ice will begin to melt and will be easier to remove. Also those mentioned at the beginning engine block heater are fan heaters. They are used to bring the engine to the correct operating temperature more quickly at the beginning of the journey. This extends its service life and reduces the exhaust gases, as the catalytic converter can only work from a certain minimum temperature.

A fan heater for your car?

If you choose a heater for your car, you should first pay attention to the power supply. There are fan heaters which are operated with 220 Volt and those with 12 Volt. An 12 Volt fan heater is usually more practical in the car, but acts slower than an 220 Volt device. A popular alternative are fan heaters with battery, since they can be operated even when the engine is not running. You should never let a fan heater run unattended. It can overheat and melt plastic parts in your car or set fire to flammable objects. In the worst case, the whole car burns out, including the garage, etc. Fan heaters can be permanently installed or mobile. In both cases, you should consider the available space in the car when selecting. Be sure to install or install the heater at a sufficient distance from flammable and fusible objects. The draft should not be blocked and the fan should be secure enough to prevent it from falling over or falling off during vibration. An engine heater must fit the model of your car and should definitely be installed professionally in a workshop.

12 Volt Fan? Keep an eye on the car battery!

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