Defective high pressure pump? You need to know that now!

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High pressure fuel pump defective Fuel pump 3 Defective high pressure pump? You need to know that now!

Let's start with the simple question of what is a high pressure pump actually? One Fuel pump (also known as a petrol pump or diesel pump) transports the fuel from the tank via fuel lines to the engine's injection unit so that it is permanently supplied with fuel. It is between primary pumps in the tank and high pressure pumps in the engine compartment differentiated. High-pressure pumps always occur when a diesel or gasoline direct injection engine is installed. In the diesel engine, high pressure pumps must have high pressures of up to 2.000 bar build up. You also will be Injection pumps or "HP pumps" mentioned.

High pressure fuel pump for what?

In diesel and gasoline direct injection engines, a high pressure fuel pump is required to handle high pressures of up to 200 bar in Otto engines and up to 2.000 bar to be able to withstand in diesel engines. The fuel is thus first directed to the high-pressure pumps and then reaches the high-pressure lines via high-pressure lines injectors. Via this it is injected into the combustion chamber.

High pressure fuel pump defective Fuel pump Defective high pressure pump? You need to know that now!

How do you recognize a defective high pressure fuel pump?

There are several symptoms that one can experience defective high pressure pump recognizes. Either the engine will not start at all or the engine is not running smoothly and the engine is running jerks. But the car can too accelerate badly and generally one limited performance to have. Other symptoms are emission levels outside the norm and an dying engine while driving. Sometimes a Error memory entry such as "Rail pressure too low" is displayed.

Causes of a defective high pressure fuel pump?

One possible cause of a defective high-pressure fuel pump can be age-related wear be. But also that Fuel filter may have been changed incorrectly, causing the high-pressure pump to run dry. The high pressure pump can also run dry due to a defective pre-feed pump and break down as a result.

What can a defective high pressure fuel pump be confused with?

Normally you can assume a defective fuel pump when working on the injectors Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! enough fuel arrives. You should check that correctly, however, since a defective ignition system can also be the reason for the symptoms mentioned in gasoline vehicles. And on diesel engines, the rail pressure sensor or the fuel pressure control valve may also be broken.

High pressure fuel pump defective Fuel pump 32 Defective high pressure pump? You need to know that now!

Can I continue driving with a high pressure fuel pump?

If you suspect that the high-pressure fuel pump is defective, you should immediately drive to a workshop to have an accurate diagnosis made. If you simply continue to drive with a defective high-pressure fuel pump, the engine can unexpectedly at any time during the journey ausgehen. This can result in accidents that endanger the lives of other people and further damage to the car. If the pump is not repaired, it can seize up and cause metal chips to be distributed in the fuel system. As a result, all parts that come into contact with fuel have to be replaced or flushed. These include the injection nozzles, the fuel lines and the tank. Often this also creates a economic total loss.

Can the general inspection be passed with the defective fuel pump?

A defective high-pressure fuel pump causes one considerable danger for the driver and other people in traffic, which is why the main inspection is not passed.

How is the high pressure pump changed?

The high-pressure fuel pump is changed in the car workshop, but a diagnosis must first be made in this other causes to be able to exclude. For the diagnosis, the fault memory is read out and it is checked whether there is fuel at the injectors. If there is no fuel, the high-pressure fuel pump is defective and must be replaced. It is usually worthwhile to use unused parts, as gumming can occur due to fuel residues inside the pump.

Only in rare cases can refurbished replacement parts be cheaper than a completely new part. How complex it is to change the pump in the end depends entirely on the vehicle model and the engine. With Otto engines, the high-pressure pump can often be changed fairly easily because the pump easily accessible is. In diesel engines, the pump is usually driven by the toothed belt, which means that it must also be replaced if the pump is defective.

How much does a new high pressure pump cost?

  • Otto engine: In the case of a gasoline engine, the material costs for the pump are between 150 and 600 euros. The price depends heavily on the vehicle model and the provider. The change usually takes between half an hour and an hour and a half, with labor costs of around 40 to 200 euros. The total costs are thus between approx. 200 and 800 euros.

Restomod 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1 Tuning V8 13 Defective high pressure pump? You need to know that now!

  • Diesel Engine: Replacing the high-pressure pump in the diesel engine often means higher costs. The material costs of the pump are between 500 and 1.600 euros and the new toothed belt set, which often has to be replaced, costs extra 100 to 250 Euro. In addition, more time is required to replace the pump, about 3 to 7 hours must be expected here. The labor costs are therefore around 300 to 700 euros. If you add up all the costs, you get an amount of 800 to well over 2.000 euros.

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