Home remedies for car seats: tips against dirt & stains!

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Cleaning Car Seats Leather Fabric Stains Home Remedies Home Remedies for Car Seats: Tips against Dirt & Stains!

Dirty car seats can often be replaced with familiar ones home remedies remove. Regardless of whether it is water stains, limescale or other deposits, home remedies declare war on impurities. Read here how and with what cleaning works. Even simple ones water can cause annoying stains. The liquid often causes ugly stains and edges, especially on the seat cushions in cars. But how do you get rid of the residue? And then what about grease or various dirt stains?

Cleaning car seats: take the cover into account

It's important, that just Cleaning agents are used that are suitable for the surfaces in question. Because of certain ingredients, some cleaning agents quickly attack the cover. It is therefore important to note what material the seats to be cleaned are made of. So need leather seats Logically different care than seat covers made of fiber fabric, which are generally a bit more robust and the use of acidic cleaning aids is also possible. Ultimately, however, you can use the good old home remedies if you want to be on the safe side.

Car seats vinegar cleaner leather fabric stains home remedies Home remedies for car seats: Tips against dirt & stains!

Home remedies: How to clean car seats with shaving foam

Shaving foam is actually a real all-rounder. It is often used when cleaning carpets. But shaving foam can do more: it can also be used to clean car seats to a high gloss. It doesn't matter which stains it is. Water and grease residues can be removed with it. It also leaves shaving foam no smell and is easy and quick to apply to the upholstery. Tip: Leave the shaving foam on the stains for 30 minutes and then simply dab the seat with a damp cloth.

Blotchy edges: tackle with icing spray

If the stained edges are not caused by water or fat, but by limescale or sugar, this also helps ice spray. This means that the annoying residues are iced up when sprayed on. They can then be removed effortlessly and easily with a soft brush.

Car seats: remove stains with vinegar water

Is out of the budget Vinegar It is hard to imagine life without it - which is why you must have a supply of vinegar at home. Vinegar water can be used on leather, artificial leather and also on fiber fabrics and also has a remarkable effect on calcareous stains. Simply let the vinegar water drip onto a sponge and then dab it on the stain. After a few minutes exposure time, wipe over it with a damp cloth.

Lemon juice for cleaning car seats

Car seats Lemon juice leather fabric stains home remedies Home remedies for car seats: Tips against dirt & stains!

For example, if you don't want to use vinegar water because of the smell, you can do just as well Lemon water use to counteract the water stains and grease residues. The application is the same as with vinegar: drizzle lemon water onto the sponge and gently pour onto the contaminated areas. After allowing it to take effect, wipe it off with a damp cloth - and the car seat is clean again.

So you can even save leather seats with home remedies

When it comes to leather seats, a distinction must be made between smooth leather, suede or artificial suede. Smooth leather is comparatively easy to care for and is also the most common leather in cars. Colorless shoe polish With smooth leather, it is excellently suited not only to clean the surface, but also to give it new suppleness, which unfortunately gets lost with constant wear.

If the dirt is more stubborn than expected, it should first be used Furniture brush of the vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, it is advisable to wipe the seats with a damp cloth. If this still does not have any effect, small tricks can be used.

Car seats shoe polish leather fabric stains home remedies Home remedies for car seats: Tips against dirt & stains!

A cleaning eraser is suitable to take action against the dirt. An alternative for this is one that is dipped in a detergent solution cloth, which should be guided over the seat in gentle circular movements. Then the shoe polish is used, which is applied very thinly to the dry seat and again wiped off with a lint-free cloth. The car seat is then polished with a special polishing cloth or a Women's nylon stocking in the menu.

Miracle cure salt?

It is well known that salt soaks up liquids. Because of the absorption, it is ideal for use against water stains. It is sufficient to moisten the car seats slightly and then sprinkle a little salt over them. The whole thing should work for about two hours. After that, the stain and the annoying residue are usually gone.

Home remedies are also the solution for unpleasant smells!

Anyone who has dropped food in the car or has a dog knows the problem: Even after cleaning, rumors cannot always be easily removed: In this case, you need vinegar again. Regular kitchen vinegar should be mixed in a bucket full of lukewarm water and applied to the car seats with a rag. Vinegar also leaves an unpleasant, pungent odor, but unlike other vapors, it disappears within a few hours. And while it flies away, it takes the unpleasant smells with it.

How to prevent stains on car seats

To avoid dirt, you can Blankets that collect at least part of the water or other liquids. Protective covers are also recommended, which are usually not so attractive in appearance, but protect the seat from contamination. Cleaning cloths should also always be in the car so that you can react quickly if something drips on the seats.

Car seat covers Car seats Home remedies for car seats: Tips against dirt and stains!

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