Why is the Honda CR-V higher after changing the dampers?

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BILSTEIN Honda CR V Generation 1

If workshop employees are already familiar with a product, they are tempted to just get started without finding out about any special features during installation. After all, this saves time and the steps are always the same anyway – aren’t they? If it is the same shock absorber model, but not the identical vehicle type, this statement often does not apply. If there are any special features to be observed, BILSTEIN always encloses the corresponding installation information. Mustafa Yavuz from Technical Support explains this using the first generation of the Honda CR-V, which was produced from 1996 to 2001: "In the case described to us by a workshop, the curious situation occurred that the SUV after installing BILSTEIN B6 shock absorbers suddenly higher than before.

Honda CRV damper replacement

First of all, a few details about the product: The BILSTEIN B6 is an improved series replacement shock absorber. Since its functional dimensions are unchanged, it does not require its own entry in the vehicle documents. It is ideal for SUVs in particular, as it compensates for the disadvantage of the high center of gravity in terms of handling with more damping force. An additional lowering is not necessary for this. However, the vehicle should by no means stand higher after installation. But what went wrong in this case when installing the damper? After all, longer springs are usually required for a lift and they were definitely not used.

Mounting tube permanently above snap ring

The solution to the riddle is interesting and instructive: As a special feature of the CR-V of the first generation, a special tube is included in the scope of delivery of the vehicle-specific BILSTEIN B6. This does not remain permanently on the Honda, but only serves as an assembly aid for opening the brake hose holder. But here the mounting tube was erroneously attached permanently above the snap ring. However, this is actually intended to hold the spring plate. Due to the incorrect installation described, the spring plate of the shock absorber is now in a higher position. This results in significantly increased ground clearance on the front axle.

BILSTEIN B6 Honda CR V installation instructions

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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