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Tuning on the convertible top? From module to recoloring!

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Convertible top tuning module color tuning on the top? From module to recoloring!

Tuning convertibles doesn't just mean Chiptuning, Lowered, alloy wheels or a new interior. It is also possible to make modifications to the convertible top from the car and to equip the convertible with a so-called convertible top module, for example. Companies can be found on the Internet that specialize in roof modules, convertible modules and convertible top modules. The products are often also available for roadsters.

Modifications to the car roof

Convertible top tuning module color 6 tuning on the top? From module to recoloring!

If you want to tune your convertible, you can do this with a functional convertible top module. The convertible top modules are available with a wide range of functions and are also intended to enormously increase ease of use. In addition, convertible roofs can be used to carry out conversions and the vehicle owner receives a real high-end tuning product. The vehicle can be customized both optically and technically using a modified car hood. The functional scope of a roadster or a convertible can be expanded with qualitative roof modules. For example, it is possible to install an automatic roof system, a remote control, a window remote control and many other functional elements. Technical elements such as a remote control for the convertible top and automatic convertible top control are also interesting for older vehicles. The ease of use can be increased, which can also be interesting for resale.

Functional scope can vary

Modified hoods are available for many convertible and roadster models. However, the scope of the functions can vary depending on the vehicle. Experienced tuners should clarify which functions a car can have after changing or converting the roof. The decisive factor here is the factory roof. If, for example, this can only be closed manually, the installation of an electronic module naturally does little good. There is also little point in installing a module that enables closing from the roof up to approx. 50 km / h, but after 20 km / h the air resistance ensures that the mechanics bend and give up the ghost. However, the companies that offer the corresponding modules for modification are available with information on the range of functions.

The following modifications can be possible on convertibles on the convertible top:

  • Remote control for the hood
  • Remote control for the window
  • automatic window
  • Speed ​​window
  • warning
  • Hazard warning lights when operating the remote control

Other functions, depending on the manufacturer and vehicle, are also possible. The Speed ​​close function means that the convertible top can also be operated while driving. The function can be carried out up to a maximum speed of sometimes over 50 km / h. But as mentioned, it must be clarified whether the mechanics can endure this. It is also possible to integrate a hazard warning function, which is activated, for example, when the side windows or the convertible top are operated.

What to look for when buying?

When buying, it should be ensured that the modifications to the hood are really suitable for the vehicle model. Various companies that offer convertible top modifications also offer an assembly service. It is advisable to use this if no professional is otherwise available to install the vehicle parts. A mobile installation service usually takes care of the roof modifications on the convertible or roadster quickly and effectively. Both the manufacturing company and the installation service should deliver high-quality work. If you are not sure which modifications to your convertible or roadster are possible in the convertible top area, you should ask for advice in a tuning workshop or commission such a workshop with the technically feasible modifications.

you can also do a lot optically

If the technology is sufficient and does not have to be changed, the optics may be changed. For example, there is the option of coloring the roof with special colors. But you can also have a completely new convertible top made, for example made of high-quality leather in the desired color and with decorative stitching and various applications. In addition, useful maintenance such as impregnation from the top is useful. If you do this regularly, you can enjoy a well-functioning and visually high-quality soft top for the life of the vehicle. PS. With an older vehicle, of course, is a good one tarpaulin indispensable!

Tarpaulin folding roof convertible top cover 3 tuning on the convertible top? From module to recoloring!

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