What do the following abbreviations stand for: HSN | TSN | KBA?

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carVertikal tuningblog 2 What do the following abbreviations stand for: HSN | TSN | KBA?

Has read the abbreviations HSN, TSN, VSN and KBA (Code numbers, points 2.1 and 2.2 in the registration, for older vehicles under points 2 and 3) certainly everyone has been somewhere. But what do the abbreviations stand for? What do I need these numbers for? Where can you find them? Do the numbers actually change?

What do the abbreviations stand for?

First of all the simplest, KBA means written out Federal Motor Transport Authority. HSN stands for the Manufacturer number of the key, TSN stands for the Type code number. If the HSN and the TSN be combinedthe KBA number is derived from it.

Key numbers HSN TSN VSN KBA What do the following abbreviations stand for: HSN | TSN | KBA?

An HSN consists of several sequences of digits. These are controlled by the KBA and are awarded by the Federal Office for Transport and Infrastructure. This combination of numbers says who the manufacturer of the vehicle is. The TSN is required to find out the type, the variant or the existing version. The TSN consists of eight digits. The data also contains all the important information about the body shape, the engine and the source of the fuel.

The TSN has some advantages!

If the TSN consists of more than three digits, then the other digits from the fourth onwards are displayed as VSN (Volume key number). With the TSN you can also find out the following information:

  • Which oil does the manufacturer recommend?
  • Which winter tires are suitable?
  • How big can the rims be for the model?
  • The number is also required if a replacement key is made for the car.

Replace exhaust defective 1 What do the following abbreviations stand for: HSN | TSN | KBA?

What else are the HSN and TSN needed for?

HSN and TSN numbers are also used for the Ordering parts needed. If the KBA code is entered on one of the countless pages on the net in an online shop for vehicles and a search is made for parts, then the right component is more or less certain. It can usually be installed without any problems. And that applies even if it is not an original part. This saves you a lot of money and nerves due to unsuitable components, and the car is also happy and runs again without any problems.

Where can I find the numbers?

The HSN and TSN can easily be found in the vehicle registration, or in the Registration Certificate Part I read off.

Abbreviations HSN TSN KBA What do the following abbreviations stand for: HSN | TSN | KBA?

HSN and TSN in the vehicle registration document

There are some well-known car manufacturers that do exist several HSN the HSN for BMW are, for example 0005, 7909 and 0575. Alternative manufacturers often share the HSN, such as 0600 for the Porsche brand and Volkswagen. All HSN and TSN Identify combinations a Vehicle type.

Will the KBA number stay the same or will it change over time?

Yes. The HSN and TSN numbers remain actually always the same. It doesn't matter which one amendments be made on the car. No matter if new Rims, Chiptuning, a new Exhaust, and much more. Of course, it should be noted that the car roadworthy is and the changes legally are. In addition, a modification acceptance be made, this usually takes place at TÜV or at the Dekra. The changes will then appear in the 22nd field of the vehicle registration document documented. If the change acceptance is not carried out, the operating license expires immediately.

2021 Ford F 150 Black Widow SCA Performance 9 What do the following abbreviations stand for: HSN | TSN | KBA?

There is an exception to the change of KBA numbers!

For example, if a Pick-up truck imported from America, these are common registered as a truck in Germany. The advantage of this is that the vehicle tax lessHowever, the insurance company a lot higher is. If the American truck is now retrofitted, pollutant emissions are reduced and noise pollution is reduced, the truck can be registered as a car. In that case, the changes KBA number.

Finally, one more piece of information

The vehicle registration document must be used when driving always be there. One copy is enough should not . It must be the original vehicle registration!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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