Saturday 15st May 2021

Huawei's HiCar competes with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

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Huawei HiCar App Auto Huawei's HiCar competes with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto


In our networked world, there is hardly an area of ​​life without the Internet. Even when driving, there are now numerous practical and popular services that can be used via smartphone. However, using the phone while driving is of course a major accident risk and is therefore only permitted via voice control. So far, the users are on the Google app Android Auto, Android Automotive or Apple's CarPlay instructed if they want to use navigation aids, current traffic information and weather information or music streaming offers via mobile phone while driving. Baidu Carlife as a search engine service from China is falling off, at least for the moment. Another Chinese company is now drawing attention to itself. With their new app Hicar the Chinese company Huwei now offers another promising alternative.

Android Auto with weaknesses

Android Auto Malfunction Problems Huawei's HiCar is competing with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

The current leader in smartphone apps for cars in the western world is Android Auto. It can almost be regarded as a standard and is increasingly being supported by vehicles from well-known manufacturers as standard. So, apart from the CarPlay, which is particularly popular with Apple fans, it seems completely unrivaled. But Android Auto currently has a real weakness. Since the update to Android 10, it seems to stop time and again. The requests made by the driver to the app are then still received, but there is often no response. If you request traffic information while driving, you usually need it immediately. Failure to do so disrupts the driver's concentration and may result in the driver trying to get the answers they need, despite the prohibition, by manual operation. The resulting risk of accidents could easily lead to numerous customers looking for alternative providers. It is precisely in this situation that Huawei is now launching its promising HiCar solution on the market.

Android Auto and CarPlay in sight

Huawei HiCar App Auto 2 Huawei's HiCar competes with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Of course, Huawei is not the only company trying to compete with Android Auto and CarPlay. Other platforms, some of which are already on the smartphone market, but have so far not been able to prevail against the two giants, are being given slightly better chances for the future. But HiCar is particularly promising on closer inspection. Regardless of whether it is about practical functions like a navigation system or maybe there will even be an opportunity to play various games like a racing game or online games like Slotty Vegas Casino & Co. to pass the time. Everything is possible! And the reason Huawei wants to enforce the system is simple.

The advantages of Huawei HiCar

Recently made statements indicate that Huawei is expecting a difficult financial year for 2020 and will have to and will do so with a lot of energy. The company has announced that it wants to become increasingly independent from US companies. Although this is a general statement, it naturally also applies to the area of ​​cars. It can therefore be assumed that HiCar wants to establish itself primarily in the east, but possibly also in Europe. It is quite conceivable that Huawei can use its contacts in the Asian auto industry to make HiCar the standard application for cars from manufacturers there.

Just like its rivals Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, HiCar transfers a smartphone-controlled interface to the car's infotainment system. Data received via the smartphone can be shown on the car display and played through the loudspeakers in the car. In addition, Huawei also promises a function called driving monitoring, i.e. driving monitoring and the option of connecting smartwatches. So it seems that the new platform will also offer opportunities that Google and Apple have at least for now not yet there. This year, exciting developments in the smartphone app market for cars can be expected.

Huawei HiCar App Auto 4 Huawei's HiCar competes with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Huawei's HiCar competes with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

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