The IAA electrifies - VW shows news about the car show


Volkswagen has discovered electric vehicles for itself and now wants to serve the division with new models. In this way, VW wants to address new customer groups and improve its operating results. Also the attempt of an image change is connected, since the exhaust scandal represents a big problem for the company. In addition, it has been found that the production of electric vans leads to higher sales. Post (DHL) is a pioneer in this field and does not just manufacture these vehicles for itself. Customers from abroad are also interested in these companions. Volkswagen is therefore presenting its new environmentally friendly models at the trade fair to visitors and experts.

DHL street scooter self-development
DHL StreetScooter - Photo: DHL

ID Buzz Cargo is an important part of the strategy

Already from this month the order is possible. ID Buzz Cargo is a prestigious project. With him, the Wolfsburg want to conquer the new market for themselves. Due to its large storage space, customers can transport many goods with it at the same time. VW has focused on the weak points, which is why electric transporters are still unattractive for potential buyers. The use of a strong battery ensures a range between 330 and 500 km. Medium distances are therefore no problem for the owner. In addition, environmental zones are not restrictive because ID Buzz Cargo does not emit environmentally harmful emissions.

Low emission zone

ABT-E-Transporter + ABT-E-Caddy for taxi companies

The ABT-E transporter also celebrates its premiere here. This is a vehicle that can travel up to 400 km with a full battery. Of the ABT-e-Caddy 2019 is already on the market. It is based on the VW Caddy Maxi and offers enough space for up to five people. In addition, the vehicle has a large trunk. With a top speed of up to 120 km / h, short distances can be covered quickly. The only weak point is the ABT-E-Caddy battery. It only allows a range of 220 km.

ABT E van
ABT-E transporter

Crafter Hymotion with hydrogen fuel cell engine

Volkswagen is also researching other drive types. The Niedersachsen introduces the Crafter Hymotion, an 4,25-ton transporter that has this technology. With it you can travel up to u 500 km with a fuel charge. The refueling should go as fast as a conventional car. The Crafter Hymotion is a study that will conquer the market if the necessary conditions are met. First, however, there must be enough gas stations that provide hydrogen. Only by a suitable filling station network is worth the introduction of this model.

VW Crafter Hymotion
VW Crafter Hymotion

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