Icy car windows? Useful and useless tricks!

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Windshield scratching frozen ice scraper1 Frozen car windows? Useful and useless tricks!

Is water a sensible solution? If you look in the network for means to defrost an iced pane, you will often find the help of cold or lukewarm water devices. In the morning in particular, some people have better things to do than scratch their way through a layer of ice in the cold for ages. So if not Deicing spray is nearby, reaching for warm or even boiling water seems promising. However, this could have devastating and costly consequences Damage cause. Waive So be sure to use this method.

Boiling water on the disc?

The hotter the better? That is far from it. If you try to counteract the layer of ice on the pane with hot water, you are making a mistake that you may still regret. Due to the extreme temperature difference between the iced pane and the water, cracks can quickly form in the glass, in worse cases the pane can even break completely. It is particularly dangerous in the area of ​​falling rocks. The pane shatters thanks to the laminated safety glass should not in a thousand splinters, but an exchange remains inevitable. This not only costs nerves, but also a lot of money. So make a note of: Stay away from the hot water even if it turns out well in the video.

cold water on frozen window iced car windows? Useful and useless tricks!

What about cold water? To minimize the risk of a shattering pane, some ice fighters resort to it cold water and pour it over the pane. But does that really make more sense? Not really, because even the cold tap water (10 ° C to 15 ° C) still has a large temperature difference to the frozen ice on the car window. The lower the outside temperature, the greater the risk of a broken window. We therefore strongly advise against dousing the pane with water - regardless of the temperature.

Tip: If you spray water from a spray bottle (PET bottle with lukewarm water) onto the window - see video - then de-icing will work without any problems and without damage.

But how is the problem solved? De-icing sprays are available in many places, don't cost too much, and actually help fight ice. However, the substances it contains are harmful the environment and pollute the groundwater. And if the can is empty without having bought a new one, in the stupidest case without Plan B you will be left in the cold. The best solution to the icing problem is still to take preventative measures. Don't let it happen at allthat a layer of ice forms. This can already be achieved with simple methods. Take one insulationIf you don't have one, an ordinary cardboard box will help and clip it under the windscreen wipers.

A hot water bottle can also help

For further fixation, you can also clamp the film or cardboard in the doors or windows. But here you should pay attention to the seals not to damage. As an alternative to the insulating film, you can also use a Wärmeflasche counteract. This will take about 30 minutes before driving off placed on the dashboard. The heat emitted by the bottle melts the ice so that you can start driving with a clear view. If the temperature is only slightly below zero, the bottle can be placed in the car the evening before. Due to the heat given off, the pane maintains a certain temperature so that ice does not form in the first place. the ultimate option is and remains that Stationary heating system!

Engine preheater parking heater webasto Eberspaecher iced car windows? Useful and useless tricks!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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