Iconic Glow Kidney Lights for BMW 5er G30 & G31

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Iconic Glow Kidney Lights BMW 5er G30 G31 G38 F90 1 Iconic Glow Kidney Lights for BMW 5er G30 & G31

Have you ever heard of the Iconic glow kidney lighting heard? A really cool gimmick that you can hardly believe that it comes straight from the optional BMW M Performance accessories. The kidneys are illuminated when the vehicle is opened and locked, creating a successful accent. The electronics are switched in such a way that the kidney lighting is active when the car is opened and also in the period between "ignition off" and locking. When you start driving, the lighting goes out by itself. When you lock the car, the light is slowly dimmed down. For US vehicles, the lighting can even be activated while driving using an additional button. The M Performance Iconic Glow kidney lighting for the front grille is currently available for the new 5 series G30, G31 and G38 long versions. And the F90 M5 can also be equipped with it. It is very likely that the BMW Iconic Glow Front Ornamental Grille (item number: 63172466430 & 63172466465) will soon be available for all other BMW vehicles. Especially on the G05 X5 or the G11 / G12 7er facelift, the kidneys should look spectacular. By the way: You can find out which penalties threaten in the event of incorrectly activated or not activated lighting in our large article onLights on the car: function, regulations, fines“Read.

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