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So that the spark jumps - better ignition cables!

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Ignition cable Ignition cable Ignition coil4 So that the spark jumps over better ignition cables!

Ignition cables, also known as ignition leads, have the task of directing the generated voltage to the spark plugs. The generated voltage comes from the ignition coil. For the operation of the engine, the ignition cables are essential during the starting process to put the generated electricity in the right place spark/glow plugsto lead.

Ignition cables are so important

Ignition cable Ignition cable ignition coil5 e1578545720500 So that the spark jumps over better ignition cables!

Ignition cables can become damaged or even lose over time. Losses in the sense that voltage is lost through the ignition cables. The quality of the ignition cables is always important here. Depending on the quality and age of the ignition cables, they can not only become brittle over time, but also become hard. And if that happens, it can lead to the aforementioned performance losses. The result is that, for example, the engine no longer starts directly. Or that you have to press the ignition several times until the engine is running. In addition to misfiring due to the problem of voltage, damage to the engine can also occur. Especially when the level of tension is no longer correct. Here you should also consider that an ignition cable is exposed to high loads. Be it due to vibrations and movements when operating the car, but also high temperatures of up to 200 degrees and a dielectric strength of up to 40.000 volts. Especially when tuning the car, you should always take a look at the ignition cables. And depending on the model and condition of the ignition cables, you may need to replace them with improved cables.

Coal or copper ignition cables?

Ignition cable Ignition cable Ignition coil 6 So that the spark jumps over better ignition cables!

If you want to improve the ignition cables when tuning, you can choose between a whole range of different models. In addition to the quality of workmanship, you also have to pay particular attention to the material when choosing. For example, you can choose between coal and copper ignition cables. But you have to be careful here. So you can't just install every ignition cable. Rather, it must be tailored to the entire system, such as the ignition coil and engine. Depending on the system, choosing the wrong ignition cable can lead to malfunctions or defects. Before buying, you should check exactly what types of ignition cables can and cannot be installed.

Ignition cable for motorsport

Under certain circumstances this can mean that an improvement in the ignition cable is not possible or only possible to a limited extent. Improved ignition cables are not mass-produced items compared to the standard ones. They cannot become hard and brittle so quickly and the conductivity does not deteriorate as a result. We recommend special ignition cables for motorsport. However, they must be compatible with the spark plugs, ignition coils, pullers for the ignition cables, the adapters and the covers. Improved cables ensure an even more stable spark. And with the stronger spark, the engine has no misfires even at high power. This ensures clean combustion at high boost pressures.

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Ignition cable Ignition cable ignition coil 7 e1578545941730 So that the spark jumps over better ignition cables!

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Support for the back - lumbar support

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Effective tuning - an improved oil pump in the car!

High performance% C3% B6l pump lubricant pump gear pump 310x165 So that the spark jumps better ignition cables!

For the roll cage - install suitable cage pads!

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Tip: Improved bearings and bearing shells for the engine!

Bearing shells Big end bearings Sputter coating 2 310x165 So that the spark jumps over better ignition cables!

Durability - the block stiffening plate!

Block stiffening plates Bedplate stiffening 4 310x165 So that the spark jumps over better ignition cables!

More smoothness and driving comfort - engine mounts & brackets!

Engine mount bracket electronically active 3 310x165 So that the spark jumps over better ignition cables!

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