Immotor Bay Design Power Stations Introduced!

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 Soon the two new Power Stations from Immotor Bay to be available. They should be practical, chic and environmentally friendly. But, primarily with electrical devices, not only the appearance counts, but above all, of course the performance. And of course consumers ask themselves what functions the "new" ones have and what they offer. But it's also nice when such a device can convince with its design as well as its functionality. That's why the engineers at Immotor have added special touches to their new power stations design elements set. The project is currently still awaiting funding, which will come from a Crowdfunding Campaignthat on 27 September 2022 starts (see below) should take place.

Power stations inspire with their special design features!

One of the most striking features of Immotor's new Bay series is the magnetic shell covers. They should be available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. It is suggested that they could also be interchangeable. But we don't know for sure. If so, the design can be varied again and again. An integrated bow handle also ensures easy transport and increases mobility. The leather-covered handle is not only an eye-catcher, but also significantly increases the carrying comfort. And a built-in light creates the right atmosphere. It will be as "Deluxe Ambient Light" designated. You can use it to change colors depending on your mood. Furthermore, as with many other manufacturers, a flashlight integrated.

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Does the device keep what the pretty facade promises?

There should be two different variants with different sizes Battery Capacity give. The smaller model Bay500 should for approx. 543 WH (watt-hours) and the stronger, that Bay1000 intended for up to 1023WH (Watt hours) to be designed. You can use the devices either via a Steckdose or using compatible ones solar panels load. The two devices also differ in weight. The smaller Bay Power Station weighs just under under 7 kg (~6,8 kg) specified. The stronger should about 11 kg to weigh. Both are perfectly fine for devices of this size.

And both offer a variety of different connections. you find DC Circular Connector Jacks and also USB-C as well as USB-A outputs. The USB-C output is limited to a maximum power output of 100 watts, designed. Not only mobile phones, tablets or notebooks can be charged quickly, but also larger drones or similar things. For compatible cell phones, there is also the option to wireless on top of the power station. And another interesting feature is the “Passthrough charging“. This means that when using the power station, a device can be charged and the power station can be used at the same time.

Bay500 Bay1000 power bank 77

And if you also want to use your power station outside of your four walls, you expect the cover to be waterproof and dustproof. And that seems to be the case. However, there is currently no proof of a corresponding IP certification. There is already information that the power stations can be connected to a cell phone via Bluetooth using a suitable app. For example, consumption or charging with this smartphone be monitored. The Deluxe Ambient Light should also be able to be controlled in this way. And even a bonus for using solar energy is under discussion. This is intended to support and reward environmentally conscious behavior.


  • 15W wireless charging
  • Type-C*2 (both support PD100W fast charge)
  • Charging using solar panels with built-in MPPT system (30% more efficiency)
  • AC and DC pass-through charging
  • high capacity and ultra light
  • automotive grade lithium ion electric cells
  • Intelligent app control
  • Earn with the power plant: IMMOTOR is in a partnership with Green Power Network
  • good portability: comfortable leather-wrapped stainless steel handle, easy to carry.
  • Stylish design with multiple color options, excellent dustproof and waterproof.
  • Fanless design and 0 dB operating noise
  • alternating current and direct current

When will the Power Stations be available?

There is currently no information on when the devices will be available and what they will cost. Funding through crowdfunding Indiegogo but should start soon. And any kind of news can also be obtained via the Immotor Bay website, because there you can register for the newsletter.

XXL picture gallery Bay500 & Bay1000

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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